About Minions (Lemmings) Minigame Map

Minions (Lemmings) Minigame Map, based on the popular Lemmings games, is a game where you control your Minions in various ways to help them succeed through the level. Dig, mine, bash and climb your way to victory!


Featured Characters:

  • Blocker: Blocks other Minions from passing.
  • Miner: Digs diagonally – stops at obsidian and air blocks.
  • Digger: Digs downward – stops at obsidian and air blocks.
  • Builder: Builds up to 12 stair blocks.
  • Basher: Digs horizontally – stops at obsidian and air blocks.
  • Bomber: Destroys terrain and other Minions.
  • Floater: Falls much more slowly than a normal Minion.
  • Climber: Climbs blocks – stops at overhangs.

Minions (Lemmings) Minigame Map Screenshots:



Map Showcase:

Additional Info:

  • Map Spawn Point: 14 24 10
  • If you experience lag- In Video Settings: Turn Graphics to Fast, Smooth Lighting to Off, Clouds to Off, and Particles to Minimal.
  • For Servers: You MUST op all players in order for certain commands to be executed properly.
  • Required Server Properties:
    • enable-command-block=true
    • spawn-npcs=true
    • spawn-monsters=true

How to install:

Download links for Minions (Lemmings) Minigame Map:

For Minecraft 1.8



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