MithrilMagic Server beckons you into a vibrant universe of community-driven gameplay and endless adventure. As a 1.18.2 Towny server, we present a unique platform where you can build nations, establish thriving towns, and form bonds with a community of players hailing from every corner of the globe. We guarantee a rich gaming experience that offers a perfect blend of creativity, strategy, and community interaction.

Experience the Magic on Bedrock Edition

We extend our magical realm to the players of Bedrock Edition, ensuring that everyone can be a part of our enchanting community. Experience seamless, cross-platform gameplay that unites players of both Java and Bedrock editions, contributing to an inclusive and immersive gaming environment.

Join us in our spellbinding world, where the magic of Minecraft blends with the charm of community-centric gameplay. We promise an enchanting journey, filled with boundless exploration, exciting quests, and the camaraderie of a thriving community. Welcome to MithrilMagic, where every moment promises a magical experience!

Server Information

Author:  MithrilMagic 2 Team

Server name: Mithril Magic 2

Server Location: United States

Minecraft Platform: Java, MCPE, Bedrock

Supported Version: 1.18.2 – 1.20.1

Game types: Survival, PvP, Towny, MCMMO, Economy

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Server Features

  • Unearth the Mystery of the Fabled Underwater Fruit Trees
    • Venture into the vast wilderness of our map to discover the secrets of MithrilMagic’s fabled underwater fruit trees. Immerse yourself in the thrill of exploration as you traverse the expansive landscape, discovering hidden treasures, and navigating through uncharted territories.
  • Level Up Your Magic Skills
    • As you navigate our intriguing world, use the chance to harness and hone your magic skills. Be it conjuring a fireball or summoning a storm, MithrilMagic allows you to transform into a skilled sorcerer, crafting spells and making the impossible, possible.
  • Market Mastery: The Thrill of the Trade
    • Engage in rewarding trade activities with our thriving in-game economy. Establish the largest shop on the server or seize the opportunity to auction your prized possessions. As you journey through the world of MithrilMagic, you will encounter a multitude of ways to amass wealth, asserting yourself as a trading tycoon.
  • Climb the Ranks, Build a Legacy
    • Invest your hard-earned riches to purchase ranks and climb the ladder of success. Create the best town on the server and watch it grow under your leadership. With each new rank, unlock exclusive perks and privileges, leading you on a path of unsurpassed progress and prestige.
  • Unleash Your Creativity with Slimefun
    • Experience the exhilarating world of Slimefun, MithrilMagic’s take on the automation of in-game items. Automate everything, right from the most mundane tasks to complex crafting processes, enhancing efficiency, and augmenting your gaming experience.
  • Explore Uncharted Territories with Movecraft
    • With Movecraft, take to the skies and sail the seas. Explore our vast map in style, making travel and exploration a thrilling adventure. Commandeer your custom-built airship or sail your mighty vessel, and discover the wonders that MithrilMagic holds.
  • Unleash Your Inner Wizard
    • At MithrilMagic, your magical prowess knows no bounds. Ascend the ranks and become the most powerful Wizard. Unleash spells, wield mystical artifacts, and exert your dominance over the arcane arts. The path to becoming the greatest wizard begins here!

In-game Features


Dive into the intricacies of town planning, plot set-ups, and zoning laws to create an intricate and unique settlement. From vast metropolises to cozy villages, every player’s input contributes to the living, breathing world of MithrilMagic 2. Interact with neighbors through trade, diplomatic alliances, or friendly (or not-so-friendly) competition. Balancing strategy, creativity, and social interaction, our Towny gamemode adds an innovative twist to your typical Minecraft server experience. MithrilMagic 2 is not just about surviving, it’s about thriving together, building empires, and establishing a legacy in an immersive, player-driven world.

  • Features in Towny gamemode:
    •  McMMO
    • Brewery
    • Jobs Reborn
    • ChestShop
    • Player Warps
    • Slimefun 4
    • Magic
    • Dynmap
    • Duels


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