Moar Metals and Minerals mod adds over 35+ new items, blocks and ores. This mod adds many new ores like Tim, Copper, Bronze, Salt Ore and more. Also adds armor for each of the ores


  • Bismuth Ore: Spawns below level 48
  • Bismuth Block: Decorative Block
  • Bismuth Tools: 250 uses, fast as gold
  • Bismuth Armor: Nearly as good as diamond
  • Bismuth Chunk: Used in crafting Bismuth Tools, and armor. 2 are dropped from the ore
  • Copper Ore: Spawns below level 128
  • Tin Ore: Spawns below level 128
  • Copper Ingot: Obtained by smelting copper ore
  • Tin Ingot: Obtained by smelting tin ore
  • Bronze Ingot: used in crafting Bronze tools and armor
  • Bronze Block: Decorative Block
  • Salt Ore: Spawns below level 70
  • Salt: Used as an ingredient in salted foods. Confusion if consumed by itself
  • Bronze Tools: Equivalent to iron
  • Bronze Armor: As good as chain armor
  • Witherite Ore: Found only in the Nether, drops two witherite powder
  • Witherite Powder: Drops from Witherite ore, used for crafting witherite ingots, and a fuel
  • Witherite Ingot: Used for crafting Witherite Tools and armor
  • Witherite Tools: 1200 uses, Slower than Bismuth
  • Witherite Armor: Nearly as good as Diamond, very enchantable
  • Amethyst Ore: Spawns below level 70
  • Ruby Ore: Spawns below level 70
  • Sapphire Ore: Spawns below level 70
  • Salted Pork: Obtained by combining salt and pork; gives haste effect
  • Salted Steak: Obtained by combining salt and steak; gives speed effect
  • Salted Chicken: Obtained by combining salt and chicken; gives jump effect
  • Salted Baked Potato: Obtained by combining salt and baked potato; gives strength effect
  • Amethyst Sword: Deals as much damage as iron; 350 uses
  • Ruby Sword: Deals as much damage as iron; 330 uses
  • Sapphire Sword: Deals as much damage as diamond; 400 uses
  • Emerald Sword: Equivalent to other swords
  • Experience Ore: Spawns below level 70; glows faintly; drops bottle’s o’ enchanting
  • Achievements: 4 In game currently
  • Unique effects on Salted Foods
  • Fortune Picks now work with every block in the mod
  • Ender Tools: 3000 uses; very enchantable; twice the speed of gold
  • Ender Armor: Far more durable than diamond
  • Ender Rod: Used instead of sticks for the tools
  • Amber Block: Decorative block
  • Amber Sword: 380 uses; deals as much damage as iron
  • Amber Gem: Drops from trees rarely
  • Lapis Tools: 250 uses; uses Blaze Rod in place of sticks


The New Lapis Tools

Shot of armors, with the updated Witherite Armor Texture

A great shot of every item in the mod

Ender Armor Sprites

All the new items in V1.7

The Ender Armor

New Items added in V1.7

This shot shows the blocks, including the Experience Ore and new Ender Ore

Every Item so far.

A new screenshot, with Exp ore on the right!

The new gemstone ores, gems, and blocks in V1.4!

The Bismuth Ore, Block, and Chunk

The Bismuth tool set

The Copper ore and ingot

The Tin ore and ingot

The Bismuth Armor Sprites

The (Fixed) Bronze Armor

The Witherite Ore, Powder, and Ingot

Tin Ore smelting recipe

Copper Ore smelting recipe

The Bronze Ingot crafting recipe (NOTE: It must go in that order! (Copper on top, Tin on bottom!))

Salt Ore, and Salt

The Witherite Tool set

The New Bronze Block! And the Bronze tool set.

The Witherite Ore crafting recipe (If you obtain the ore via silk touch, just smelt it.)

Just showing off the items and ores.

The new Witherite armor.

The Bismuth armor.

An older shot of items

An even older shot!

The very first picture of the mod.


  • Download and install Modloader
  • Download Moar Metals and Minerals Mod
  • Unzip the Moar Metals and Minerals File
  • Extract (drag and drop works too) the class files into your Minecraft.jar
  • Take the textures and put them in the respective areas in the Minecraft.jar textures file
  • Make sure you deleted META_INF
  • Open Minecraft and enjoy



  • Now no longer Beta!
  • Added a new Achievement
  • Heavily optimized some code. (May result in slightly higher frame rates)
  • Changed Salt Ore being called Salt
  • Fixed Bismuth Armor making you invincible
  • Some BugFixes
  • Fixed Salted Baked Potato Texture not working.

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