About Model Oak Resource Pack

These Models require Minecraft 1.9+
Model Oak Resource Pack works with the default Minecraft resource pack.

It also works with texture packs that display they support this pack. If you use it with a texture pack that doesn’t support this, most of the models in this pack will be shown with the default Minecraft look.






How to use this pack if you make texture packs

The easiest way is to repaint and add the textures found in this pack to your own pack. They are in a sub-directory named “model_oak”, and must be placed likewise in your pack. Then you don’t have to worry about updating the models yourself when the model format (i.e. json) changed.
The other option is to put the models directly in your pack. Downside to this is that the user can’t chose which model pack to use (There will hopefully be more in the future). Or not to use one at all if on a slow machine. On the other hand, you can decide exactly which models u want with your pack, by mix and matching models from the different packs (If you know how to). In this case you must indicate on your download page that I have made the models in your pack.

Download links for Model Oak Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.9.X


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