Molten Hell Hunt Map 1.17.1 is a finding map created by Potassiumola. Inside the molten hell of Nether, how many players can survive and complete a scavenger hunt? Well, let’s find out in this map. In Molten Hell Hunt, your goal is to find and grab as many of the assigned items as you can from barrels lying around the map. The main task is to navigate the way to these barrels and also fight for your life along the journey. You can try to finish the hunt alone or compete with your friends to see who will complete it first. Download this map from the links below and have fun!


How to play:

  • Collect 54 assigned items to win the game.
  • Everything will be hidden in barrels around the map.
  • The first person to the barrel gets the enchanted item in the middle which is worth double.


  • You can only take 1 of every item from the barrel.
  • Don’t take any items from item frames, books from lecterns, or mess with entities.
  •  Feel free to take a set of armor and a stone sword at spawn.
  • Take all the armor, weapons, and potions you need but leave what you don’t need for other players.

Here is the list of items that you need to find:

1. Netherrack
2. Lodestone
3. Red Stained Glass
4. Soul Sand
5. Lantern
6. Stripped Crimson Hyphae
7. Basalt
8. Nether Wart Block
9. Bell
10. Lava Bucket
11. Crying Obsidian
12. Crimson Trapdoor
13. Iron Bars
14. Nether Brick
15. Bone Block
16. Nether Wart
17. Player Head
18. Chiseled Polished Blackstone
19. Lily of the Valley
20. Quartz Bricks
21. Red Nether Bricks
22. Crimson Planks
23. Magma Block
24. Prismarine Brick Stairs
25. Grass Path
26. Weeping Vines
27. Cracked Nether Bricks
28. Nether Quartz Ore
29. Polished Basalt
30. Respawn Anchor
31. Cracked Polished Blackstone Bricks
32. Ancient Debris
33. Warped Door
34. Nether Gold Ore
35. Chiseled Nether Bricks
36. Blackstone
37. Polished Blackstone
38. Blaze Powder
39. Twisting Vines
40. Crimson Fungus
41. Magma Cream
42. Warped Trapdoor
43. Warped Fungus
44. Brown Mushroom
45. Crimson Stem
46. Warped Stem
47. Shroomlight
48. Bone
49. Quartz Pillar
50. Warped Stairs
51. Warped Wart Block
52. Chain
53. Crimson Nylium
54. Block of Netherite

How to install:

  1. Please visit the following link for full instructions: How To Download & Install Minecraft Maps

Molten Hell Hunt Map 1.17.1 Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.17.1

Download from Server 1

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