Mono Pack Shader (1.20) is a unique shader that turns your Minecraft Bedrock Edition world into a monochrome wonderland. Mono Pack is more than just a texture pack or a shader, it’s a way of seeing the beauty in simplicity and minimalism. This shader adds wavy animations for plants, a realistic sky, a fluid water animation, and a foggy atmosphere to create depth and contrast. The monochromatic texture is the signature feature of this pack, giving you a new perspective of life in Minecraft. Mono Pack is created by ezpnix and is still in development, so expect more updates and improvements in the future.


  • Animation for grass, flowers, leaves, and more.
  • Realistic sky.
  • Fluid water animation.
  • Foggy atmosphere.
  • Monochromatic texture.
  • RenderDragon compatibility.


How to install:

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