Monster Wars Map 1.12.2, 1.12 for Minecraft is a minigame map created by DragonChef91. This map is a minigame where your goal is to bankrupt your opponents or to be the first to reach the goal amount of stock with the use of strategy and monsters. For those who played a monster industries based map before, this one has a unique feature: bankruptcy. You usually start with 0 stock, but in this one, you have a starting balance. If that balance hits 0 or goes negative, your team will lose. This map is a multiplayer game made so that you can use up to 4 teams to play. Please read the guide below if you plan to use this map for other team setups (like a one vs. 1).

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1. Collect gold nuggets
Gold Nuggets are the main source of currency. It is used for buying goods, hiring prisoners to collect more gold, and much much more!!!! These nuggets can also be upgraded to obtain higher quality items and stock!
Where do you go to collect gold nuggets? At the entrance of your team’s castle, there is a mine (pressure plates found at the entrance and inside the cave). BE CAREFUL THOUGH! This area is where your opponents can send monsters to your side of the minigame.

2. Upgrade your area!
Collecting gold nuggets may get annoying after a while; therefore, it is time to upgrade! Upgrade Mining to increase the amount of gold nuggets produce per pressure plate or upgrade economy to increase the amount of gold nuggets from the prisoners. You can also upgrade mob drops, the stores and the stock exchange (which will be discussed in a moment)

3. Mob Drops
Are you a fan of causing chaos? Then go collect mob drops! These drops can be traded (along with gold nuggets) to obtain monsters. To obtain these drops, go inside the castle and there should be a room that leads to them. By doing certain things, you can get rotten flesh, bones, spider eyes or slimeballs! As mentioned earlier, upgrade specific mob drops to increase the amount of items given per pressure plate!

4. The shops
Each team is given 3 shops. Only 1 shop is available at the beginning, but you can unlock the other 2 shops by upgrading the shop. The lower tier shop sells basic gear, spawn eggs and food. The higher tier shop will sell strong gear, and dangerous mobs. As you unlock the higher tier shops, PAY ATTENTION TO THE PRICES. Some items are cheaper in the tier 3 shop!

5. The stock exchange
Ok, this is the most complicated building in the game. This is where you can:
– purchase stock
– cause mass destruction with the help of unique mobs or tainting your opponents land
– lock the upgrade building to put a halt on your opponent’s progress
– lock their bedroom to force them to surrender
– call the cops to free prisoners
– call thieves to clear an opponent’s inventory
– call security to kill mobs in your area
– make a deal with Herobrine
– summon guards (golems) to protect you
The stock exchange is one of the most important buildings that can change the course of the minigame. Be warned, spawners are end game items but they can increase the difficulty dramatically; in addition, it MAY cause some massive lag if you have a lot of monsters spawning in your area. Use them with caution ;P

6. Make stock or go bankrupt!
Unlike other monster industry maps, for this minigame you can win by doing one of the 2 following:
– reach the goal amount of stock before your opponents do
– make them go bankrupt.
IF a team uses all their stock, they file bankruptcy and lose. If you hit 0 or less stock, you lose. You will be sent to heaven to watch the game (a spectator area above the map) and will be kept there until someone wins.
Note: If a player dies, they lose 100 stock. In addition, each of the opposing teams will receive 50 stock. Once you hit bankrupt, you do not return even though the scoreboard says you have stock again.

7. How many players?
Are you required to have 4 teams to play this game? NO. you can do any type of matchup… even 1 versus 1. Just choose the teams you want to be in, start the game and then have someone go into creative and click on the surrender button in the bedroom of the color team you are not going to use.

1 vs 1
player 1 chooses red team
player 2 chooses blue team
start game.
player 1 goes into creative… flies to team yellow and to team green and clicks the surrender button.
player 1 goes back to red teams starting location
begin playing

Note: just make sure you know which way your opponents team(s) is. If you send a mob to the wrong area, there are NO refunds.


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  • use all the spawners on your opponents
  • summon the Dragon Knight
  • summon Johnny to save an opposing team (hint: this mob kills other mobs that is not in its team and no! It is not an iron
  • golem, a pigman or a wolf)
  • make the deal with Herobrine?
  • find out what happens if you call security on Herobrine (at least one player has to summon herobrine on you for this to happen)
  • find the exploit that I left in the game
  • max out your upgrades
  • win the game while you have every negative effect that is given to you from the stock exchange (all spawners, cursed earth, Herobrine, Herobrine’s curse, slow start and locked bedroom)
  • win the game with 100 or less stock


  • Please do not play on any other version or it may not work!
  • Do not cheat.
  • You should set Render Distance to 12 or upper.

How to install:

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For Minecraft 1.12.2, 1.12

Download from Server 1

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