Morbius Lucky Block Mod (1.18.2) is an amazing Lucky Block add-on that is based around the superhero movie called Morbius. In the movie, a world full of agents hunt down Morbius. If you have watched the movie, you will come across several references while playing with this addon. This new Lucky Block will have a relatively expensive crafting recipe and it’s justified by the extremely powerful tools and armors that only you will get access to. You will also get access to new potions and scientific potions, just like Morbius does in the movie.


  • Over 100+ Unique Drops: Morbius Lucky Block addon introduces a wide variety of drops, providing players with exciting and powerful items. These drops are inspired by the Morbius movie, offering a unique gameplay experience.
  • Superpowers of Morbius: By opening these lucky blocks, players can gain access to superpowers reminiscent of Morbius himself. These superpowers add depth and excitement to the game, allowing players to harness unique abilities.
  • Movie-Inspired Content: Many of the drops and items within the addon are directly influenced by the Morbius movie, which was a major hit in 2022. Players who have watched the film will recognize references and elements from it, enhancing their immersion in the game.
  • Crafting Recipe: Crafting a Morbius Lucky Block requires 3 diamonds, 2 obsidian, 3 redstone dust, and one dropper block. This recipe is considered one of the most expensive lucky block recipes due to the superpowers it offers.



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Lucky Block Mod

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