More Panoramas UI Pack (1.20, 1.19) is an incredible pack that brings a touch of visual diversity to your Minecraft experience by replacing the background panoramas in the game menus. Say goodbye to the ordinary backgrounds you’re used to seeing when entering the game or navigating through the menus. With “More Panoramas,” you’ll be greeted with a wide array of themed background panoramas that will transport you to captivating landscapes. Immerse yourself in lush forests, behold breathtaking oceanic vistas, and marvel at towering mountain peaks. Each panorama is thoughtfully crafted to create a visually stunning atmosphere.

The “More Panoramas” pack is all about enhancing your visual experience while preserving the familiar gameplay of Minecraft. It doesn’t alter any in-game items or mechanics; instead, it focuses solely on enriching your time spent on the menus. Whether you’re taking a moment to plan your next adventure or simply enjoying a break from your Minecraft escapades, these new background panoramas will provide a fresh and captivating visual backdrop. This pack currently contains 25 panoramas.


How To Change Panoramas?

  • It’s very easy. Just take a look at the pictures below:

How to install:

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More Panoramas UI Pack (1.20, 1.19) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.20, 1.19

More Panoramas UI Pack Discord

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