Do you love the thrill of exploring a mysterious hotel full of secrets and dangers? Do you want to challenge yourself with 100 doors that will test your skills and courage? Do you enjoy the Roblox game Doors created by LSplash? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will love Mr.McRice’s Minecraft Doors Map for MCPE/Bedrock. Mr.McRice and Casual Moai Studios have recreated the Roblox hit in Minecraft bedrock edition with a lot of care and effort. They have made this map unique and enjoyable for everyone who loves adventure and mystery. You will enter a hotel in search of clues about the strange creatures that are said to haunt it, but you will soon find out that there is no way back. The bridge to the hotel entrance collapses behind you, and something doesn’t want you to leave. But you don’t want to either. Your goal is to reach the 100th door, but the hotel is full of challenges and dangers that will not make your journey easy. Mr.McRice’s Minecraft Doors Map (1.20) is single-player only and is not intended to be multiplayer.



  • Rush

This entity randomly appears and quickly travels from room to room, this entity has a unique sound when nearby and warns you to hide somewhere when it is approaching the same room as you.

  • Ambush

This entity is similar to Rush and rarely appears but it is way trickier, it goes back and forth into the player’s current room and the player must get in and out of their hiding spot, since hiding for too long kicks you out of your hiding place.

  • Screech

This entity frequently appears in dark rooms and requires the player to look at it for it to go away, if they can’t find Screech in a short period of time, Screech will attack.

  • Eyes

This entity does not like to be looked at and will constantly damage you as long as you’re looking at it.

  • Halt

This entity will keep chasing you and will occasionally appear in front of you, If it does turn around, and don’t let it get you until you reach the end of the hallway.

  • Seek

Seek will appear on doors 032 and 075, Seek will chase you through a series of rooms and you have to crouch under some obstacles at the beginning of door 032, later in door 032, and the entirety of door 075 you will have to look for the right door that will lead you into the next room, there will be a guiding light that will help go in the correct way.

  • Figure

The Figure will appear on door 50 and door 100, This entity is blind but its hearing is very good, do not uncrouch when you are in the same area as this entity, otherwise, the Figure will know where you are and will start to chase you. If you hide in a closet while the entity is very close, you will have to engage in a minigame to control your breathing.

*Old version

  • Timothy

This little guy appears in drawers and doesn’t do much.

  • Jack

This entity rarely appears in closets, try finding him!

There are a few items that will make your journey a bit easier, some illuminating dark rooms and others that help speed you up.


  • Vitamins

Vitamins give the player a speed boost unless the player is actively being chased.

  • Lockpick

Lockpicks help you unlock locked doors and chests.

  • Skeleton Key

Skeleton Keys unlock skeleton doors.

  • Flashlight

Flashlights are the best source of light but will run out of batteries.

  • Candle

Candles illuminate less than flashlights but will alert when rush and screech are nearby.

  • Crucifix

The Crucifix can get rid of entities temporarily with the exception of Figure and Seek since it will only stun them.

When all peace seems to be lost, Post-door 50 will have a shop that will help get some really useful items.

  • Jeff Shop

Jeff’s shop sells the following items:

  • Crucifix – 500 Gold
  • Skeleton Key – 250 Gold
  • Vitamins – 50 Gold

At door 100, there is a secret area that would be pretty useful for future replays.

  • The Rift

The Rift only needs your flashlight for it to work, and then it will whisper to you something very useful for the next time you replay the map.

That is all you need to know about the Minecraft map, we hope you will enjoy it!

Map made by Mr McRice & Casual Moai Studios.

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Mr.McRice’s Minecraft Doors Map (1.20) Download Links

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mcworld: Download from server 1

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