Oasis Survival Map Introduction:

Oasis Survival – Challenge Blocks Map. A vast desert expanse… no animals, no water, no hope… You spot an Oasis on the horizon! Is it real? Or just a mirage?

  • A daring survival map with seemingly endless sands in all directions.
  • Limited resources – use them sparingly!
  • EXTREMELY dangerous at night. The flat horizon is designed on purpose. It fills with monsters as far as you can see extremely quickly. Get to safety or be prepared to be MOBBED!
  • How good of a minecrafter are you? Can you survive in this hostile environment and beat the desert heat?
  • Check out the Challenge Blocks in the game for a unique twist to challenges.


Oasis Survival Map Screenshots:














Oasis Survival Map Rules:

  • No hacks or cheating!
  • This map was designed with vanilla rules in mind so try not to play with any mods that alter the game. Stick to visual stuff if anything at all.
  • Play on at least easy mode (designed with normal in mind).
  • Don’t starve! Even if that means eating stuff you would rather not (zombie flesh, spider eyes, raw fish, etc.)
  • Don’t kill yourself on purpose to renew your health or hunger bar.
  • You can tear down anything on the map EXCEPT the challenge blocks (unless you earn them of course – in that case they’re yours for the taking! )
  • Have fun & be creative!

Oasis Survival Map Challenges:

Challenge Blocks are a unique way in the game to track your progress. Each block gives you a challenge and when you complete it you may take the block. Some blocks are useful. Some are just trophies. Can you collect them all?


Oasis Survival Map Hints:

  • Don’t spend too much time exploring your first day. Priority one is to be safe when the sun goes down.
  • Once you do have a base take a good look around. Everything is near the oasis. If you hit lots of cactus plants you have strayed too far. Best to go back (there’s nothing out there but endlessly generated superflat desert)
  • Don’t let all of your grass die.
  • Find out where that little stream is going…
  • Where are all the minerals? You’ll need to dig. and dig. and dig. Desert is made out of lots and lots of sand.
  • Good luck!

Oasis Survival Map Video:

Note: This is a DIFFICULT survival map designed to challenge your skills at creating something from nearly nothing. It is not an adventure map (though it does have 1 or 2 little elements strewn about the scenery to give it character)

How to install:

Download links for Oasis Survival – Challenge Blocks Map:



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