Would you like to have ten adorable and unique dragons in your world? If so, you’re in luck! Old Dragons Addon (1.20) is a mod that adds adolescent dragons, swords, armor, potions, and more. However, be cautious as these dragons can appear anywhere.


There are other Dragon addons, but this first version of the OLD DRAGONS addon includes:

  • 10 cute dragons that grow to their teenage stage (for now)
  • 10 swords with small 3D details
  • 10 sets of dragon armor
  • And entertainment in your world, while you search for the 10 species of Dragon that this addon includes


  • The wild dragon is the only one that can give you your first dragon egg
  • All dragons can reproduce both with those of their species and with those of another color.
  • All dragons can be fed and reproduced, with all types of meat.

Dragon Eggs:

  • The first one is dropped by a wild dragon
  • They can be collected by breaking the egg
  • They can be hatched by interacting with the
  • Once it starts to hatch, it cannot be stopped and it takes 3 minutes for the Dragon to hatch and be born.

Dragons List:


  • This little one represents the origin of everything… the first of his species and the first to manage to multiply his offspring despite the difficulties, he is a descendant of the ancestral Vhanir.

2. Riontara

  • A tear, the ancestral Vhanir left 10 little ones to their fate in the world, and this little one is a symbol of his sadness for leaving his little ones lost.

3. Uindar

  • One of the advantages of growing up with witches is that magic potions are always nearby… this caused Uindar, in his adult stage, to grow scales with a high regeneration effect on his head.

4. Pysin

  • Pysin was “lucky” to fall into a volcano and for fear of ending up in ashes, he used all the strength of his wings to the point that his body grew a pair of extra wings, although years later he learned that his body is uhm… fireproof.

5. Zrognir

  • Zrognir has a slightly peculiar ability; upon reaching the adult stage he can release light from his body, and if he recharges an area with light or is very angry, that energy is transformed into thunder

6. Ronbolt

  • Ronbolt, or you could say that the Ronbolt brothers, each have a different conscience, but they always agree with all the decisions the other makes. He is always very hungry since he has 2 of everything, and also a high probability of having twin children when they reproduce in their adult age.

7. Igtha

  • Igtha is the only one who has part of his bones exposed, although the parts of his body that have bone are also the ones that have greater resistance in his adult stage. The most important being its legs, which develop supernatural strength.

8. Tanryr

  • Tanryr is, the most playful of all, he was born and raised in nature, surrounded by many animals that are his friends… Unfortunately, he is still a creature that feeds on meat and that is why he decided to become an adventurer far from the creatures that were his friends.

9. Malynar

  • Malynar, his skin is resistant to both heat and cold, due to his origin in the high and icy frozen peaks, the frozen breath of his adult stage causes his enemies to freeze in 0.001 seconds

10. Gossmaug

  • Gossmaug is the only one that does not need front legs because its center of gravity is in perfect balance with its body, this makes it the fastest flyer of all and the only one that can change to hide its wings, from its adult stage.




  • The vial: It is an elongated glass bottle that is used to extract dragon blood (a very important potion).

When you use it, it gives you:

  • 1 minute strength IV

You can upgrade it in the potion distiller with redstone:

Now when you use it it gives you:

  • 2 minutes strength IV
  • 1 minute speed III

But, you can upgrade it at the potion brewer with glow dust.

And now, when you use it it gives you:

  • 3 minutes of strength IV
  • 2 minutes of speed III
  • 1 minute of resistance II

Crafting Recipes:


  • For now, all dragon armor can be crafted in the same way but with each one’s respective scale (this may not be the case in future updates)


  • The vial: It is an elongated glass bottle that is used to extract dragon blood (a very important potion).


  • This is the recipe for only 1 of the swords and a small advance, you can discover how to create the other 9 within the game

Installation Note:

  • Make sure you turn on the Experimental Gameplay.

How to install:

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Old Dragons Addon (1.20) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.20

Behavior: Download from server 1Download from server 2

Resource: Download from server 1Download from server 2

mcaddon: Download from server 1Download from server 2 (Both BP & RP)

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