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Optimum Realism R9 Resource Pack (1.19) is a realistically themed resource pack meant to aim for a perfect balance between performance and quality. It was first an “only Java Edition” resource pack, but due to usage of technological advances, Optimum Realism is now, not only a Minecraft Java edition resource pack but also now has partial support on Bedrock Edition. Optimum Realism is a realistically themed resource pack meant to aim for a perfect balance between performance and quality.


The resource pack has full support over Java Edition and also has a Bedrock RTX version. The 128x variants of the resource pack are free except for the Bedrock RTX version for now.

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You will need a high-end phone with a GPU to run the MCPE version of Optimum Realism. Optimum Realism MCPE will not work without a powerful POM/PBR-supported shader. Currently, the MCPE variant of Optimum Realism only supports the Nori Shaders.

Please check your device specifications, before attempting to download it.


How to install:

  • To install Optimum Realism, after you’ve downloaded it. Just click and it should redirect you to Minecraft where it’ll install automatically.
  • To achieve POM and PBR with Optimum Realism on MCPE, you need to download a powerful MCPE shader.
  • Optimum Realism is compatible with Nori Shaders.

If you’re on an android phone go to the three dots on the left, and click on desktop mode, then you should see something like the image below.

DO NOT download from the releases, instead press on code and download as a zip.

Then extract it and open it, and inside there will be another folder, move that folder to the resource packs folder.

Now, go back and download the Base PBR pack from there, then click on the download of Optimum Realism, which will redirect you to the download and a readme text, more brief installation details are given there,


Nori shaders may not work on some devices, in this case, it’s not Optimum Realism’s fault. The best you could do is to report it to the developers of Nori Shaders.

*This will only work on a high-end phone*

This does not work on Minecraft Windows 10 Edition. If you have a good high-end PC, consider playing on Java Edition with the main variant.

Optimum Realism Texture Pack (1.19, 1.18) Download Links

For MCPE/Bedrock Edition 1.19, 1.18

Optimum Realism Website

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