About Oscilight Map

Oscilight Map. It’s a puzzle map. Except that it uses a new custom mechanic of light. The mechanic itself is very simple. Stand on Green stained clay or glass, and the light will lift you up. Stand on Red stained glass, and the light will bring you down. However, the custom levels may not be as straightforward. There’s 16 different replayable levels. Some are much harder than others, some are a lot more querky than others. But here’s the catch. If you take any damage at all, you will be killed. So no more jumping off 4 high pillars, no no, this map requires you to think. Most of the levels are mostly puzzle-based, but do expect a bit of parkour as well. This map is for singleplayer ONLY.


Oscilight Map Screenshots:


A few examples of the levels.




How to install:

Download links for Oscilight Map:

For Minecraft 1.8


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