This Seed contains an absolutely insane spawn! You spawn right by an NPC Village & a Desert Temple with lots of Diamonds, underneath the Temple there’s a ravine with lots of Diamonds! This Seed also contains a second Desert Temple with Diamonds & a rare Enchanted Book. Finally this Seed has awesome Mountain Structures with a Stronghold underneath containing the End Portal.

What’s found in this seed:

  • A Fantastic Spawn with lots of Structures & Mountains
  • A Desert NPC Village at Spawn (Next to Desert Temple)
  • A Desert Temple at Spawn (Contains lots of Diamonds)
  • HUGE Ravine under Desert Temple (Contains 9 Diamonds)
  • A Second Desert Temple (Contains 4 Diamonds) + Extremely RARE Enchanted Book)
  • Beautiful Mountain Structures (Stronghold underneath)
  • Stronghold w/End Portal (Contains Chests w/ Diamonds, iron etc.)

Seed Co-ordinates:

NPC Village at Spawn:

  • x: (116) y: (68) z: (157)

Desert Temple at Spawn:

  • x: (90) y: (53) z: (42)

HUGE Ravine with Diamonds:

  • x: (93) y: (13) y: (62)

Desert Temple w/Diamonds & Enchanted Book:

  • x: (-133) y: (53) z: (-325)

Stronghold w/End Portal:

  • x: (-372) y: (33) z: (-611)

Seed ID: 1660196624

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