It introduces some new block types (that can be installed separately, if you want to)


The Allocator

Default ItemID: 200

Description: The Allocator sucks in items at the input and throws them out at the output. If a chest or a dispenser is connected to it, it will be used as input/output.

The Jump Pad

Default ItemID: 205

Description: Items and players on it will be thrown in the air.

The Chest Trap

Default ItemID: 201

Description: Like a normal chest, but it will trigger adjecent blocks/redstone when items are being put in or taken out.

The Light Sensor

Default ItemID: 206

Description: Similar to the daylight sensor, but instead of putting out a signal that is dependend on the position of the sun, it puts out a signal depending on the actual amount of light falling onto this block.

Make sure you have no other mods installed that use those crafting recipes. Also make sure to Backup your savegame (no one knows).



  • Download and install Modloader
  • Then extract the archive and put all files inside the “modfiles” folder (not the folder itself) into your minecraft.jar

If you want to be able to adjust Block IDs, you will have to copy the “pfaeff” folder into your Minecraft directory (for windows, that would be %appdata%/.minecraft). You can then adjust the IDs by editing the “” file. If you don’t want to install certain mods, you can take the respective mod files out. Those files are:

  • mod_Allocator
  • mod_JumpPad
  • mod_ChestTrap
  • mod_LightSensor

Do not take out the “mod_Pfaeff” file or any file that doesn’t start with “mod_”, because those files may be needed for some of those mods. You can also turn them off in ModLoader’s config file config/ModLoader.cfg.



  • Added the Light Sensor

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