Dive into the vibrant realm of PirateCraft Server, a Minecraft survival server that ingeniously incorporates the thrilling allure of pirate adventures. With a steadfast legacy spanning over a decade, our rich community, comprised of players from all walks of life, has evolved into an extended family of passionate Minecraft enthusiasts, united by their shared love for exploration and creation.

A Never-Ending Journey

At PirateCraft, the essence of true adventure is captured in a permanent map that never resets. Each build within our world is carefully preserved, enabling players to leave and return at their leisure. Whether you return after a fleeting 3-month hiatus or a lengthy 3-year sabbatical, you’ll find your creations untouched, patiently waiting for your return. This permanence ensures that each player’s journey is a never-ending odyssey, their history immortalized in the bricks and mortar of their builds.

The Pulse of an Ever-Evolving World

While our world is enduring, it is far from stagnant. We have designed a unique land regeneration system that adds a breath of fresh air to the game, ensuring that the world never gets stale. Vacant lands and abandoned claims undergo regular regeneration, offering new terrains to discover and conquer, and the chance for players to inject their creativity into fresh canvases. Our staff team is always on standby, ready to fulfill player requests for land or claim removals, further ensuring the world’s continuous evolution.

Authority with a Purpose

Our staff team, mirroring the role of a police force, steps in only when necessary. With a commitment to fostering autonomy and independence among our players, we rarely interfere in gameplay. You are the master of your destiny in PirateCraft, forging your path either as a lone wolf or as part of a mighty empire. Your game, your rules.

A Community That Thrives Together

At PirateCraft, community is not just a word; it’s a lifestyle. Over the past decade, our player base has expanded, tightened, and developed into an inclusive, welcoming family. From aiding novices in their early game struggles to celebrating veterans’ colossal architectural masterpieces, camaraderie and collaboration are deeply ingrained in our ethos. Our commitment to maintaining a respectful and fun environment has propelled us to the top of Minecraft survival servers.

Adventures Await in PirateCraft

In PirateCraft, every login is the commencement of a new adventure. You’ll discover unexplored territories, fight off ruthless sea monsters, compete in gripping PvP combat, and perhaps, discover a hidden treasure chest or two. With a limitless world to explore and a myriad of experiences to uncover, PirateCraft is more than just a Minecraft server—it’s a lifestyle, an escape, a second home.

Unleash your creativity, feed your adventurous spirit, and join us on this thrilling journey through the high seas of the Minecraft universe. There’s always room for another member in our PirateCraft family. The sea is vast, the horizon is wide, and countless adventures await.

Server Information

Author:  PirateCraft Team

Server name: PirateCraft

Server Location: Germany

Minecraft Platform: Java

Supported Version: 1.20

Game types: Survival, PvP, Economy

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Experience the raw essence of Minecraft in its Survival Mode, a gameplay setting designed to test your resourcefulness, strategy, and resilience. In this mode, players are thrust into a randomly generated world filled with diverse terrains and menacing creatures. Your mission: to survive.

Scavenge resources, craft essential tools, build protective shelters, and fend off mobs under the cloak of night. As you progress, advance your technology, farm your food, trade with villagers, and even traverse different dimensions. Survival mode is an intriguing blend of adventure, strategy, and creativity. From the first tree you punch for wood to defeating the mighty Ender Dragon, every decision you make directly influences your survival in this dynamic, immersive world.

  • Features in Survival gamemode:
    • Claims And Siege
    • Ranks
    • Donation Ranks and Information
    • Kits
    • Ships
    • Cannons
    • Money & Economy
    • Creating a Crew
    • Portcullis Gate
    • Bridge
    • Brewing
    • Shops
    • Xp, Ranking up, and You
    • Ranking Up for Dummies
    • … And much more!


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