Pirates Mod 1.7.10 adds in tonnes of content to make you feel right at home in a Pirate’s life. Craft your Pirate weapons to take on the Undead Pirate army in this awesome mod!


Pirates Mod Review:

Pirates Mod Screenshots and Recipes:

Pirates Mod Base

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To craft most of the stuff for this mod, you will need to use this block:

The smelter, it runs on normal furnace fuel, but instead of doing what the furnace does, it works on only iron (It may work on gold in the future) you can smelt iron ore (but you get no XP) iron ingots, iron doors, cauldrons, rails, and buckets into slag iron, which is the base for the rest of this mod (smelting items that have more than one iron in them will use more fuel), now, this is great and all, but slag items are not very useful, so, we are going to need a cooling rack:

This block is used to turn all slag items into there non-slag counterparts, it runs similar to a furnace, as of 0.3.6 the cooling rack runs on both water buckets (8 items) and snowballs (2 items) this will allow for you to make and use the things in the “slag” section.

Spinning wheel:

Is used primarily to make rope which can be used for a variety of things. once placed, you can right click on it to open this gui:

This block ‘runs’ off of iron and wood, (it starts with none) to begin using it, place a iron ingot and a wood plank into the slot on the far left (and stand next to the block), it will then add to the condition bar on the left, as the block works, it will remove condition from both the wood and the iron, when either runs out, it will stop working. it can be used for two things, the first is to turn wool into string, it can turn one wool into two string. In addition to this if you put at least three string into the input slot, it will begin to make rope. In addition to all this, the block requires you to provide power to it, naturally this power is provided by hand pumping it (standing next to it) otherwise it will not function. (improvements to this process is planed)

Pirates Mod Slag

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There are currently six slag items: Ingots, Plate (made by putting a slag ingot into the crafting grid (gives 4) recipe can be reversed), Hooks, Blades, Barrels, and Chain. to make most of these, you are going to need molds, which are made like this:

With those you can make all the other items:




This will allow you to make all the Tools/Weapons in this mod.
As of 0.3.6 you can craft these items back into iron by placing them in the crafting grid.

Pirates Mod Tools/Weapons

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Note: all wood planks in the recipes can be any type, they are only different because TMI showed them that way when I took the screenshots.
To start with, the thing I generally make first, the cutlass:

It is basically a iron sword, but it has considerably more condition, however, it costs slightly more (2 1/2 iron, instead of 2) and it can’t be enchanted (this will likely be changed eventually)Now, since we made chain, it is logical to assume that we can make chain mail out of it, and that would be correct, it is made like normal armor.
Guns:This mod has three guns, the Musket:

and the pistol:

and the musket with a bayonet:

They all use the same shot, but the musket does more damage(Bug) and shots farther, but takes more iron to craft and takes longer to reload. The guns with take damage as you use them, and will eventually break. The bayonet adds a bit of melee damage to a normal musket. When you craft you gun, it will be a “empty” gun, to load it, make some shot:

(The powder horn item above is made by putting gunpowder into the crafting grid, gives four) then hold the right mouse button for about two seconds (1 1/2 for the pistol, and 2 for the musket) and then release it, if you did not hold it long enough, it will do nothing, but if you loaded it, you will “swing” the gun, and there will be a clicking noise, and then the gun will be loaded. To shot, simply aim at a mob with a loaded gun and right click (the musket will do about 8 hearts of damage (I think?), and the Pistol will do somewhat less (not really sure)


At the moment, this is a item, that you right click to throw, and when it hit something, it blows up with almost to power of TNT, however, it does not destroy blocks, if you hit a mob with one of these, it will probably just kill it outright.


This is a item used primarily for combat, if you hold the item back for a while and release you will throw it, upon impact it will spawn a net entity:

this entity slows all entitys that are in its general area, to reclaim your net you need to craft a net reclaimer:

which you hold right click near a net for a few seconds and it will give you the net back.

Rope Ladder:

Rope ladders, in many ways function somewhat similar to vines, however, in order to climb the ladder you need to sneak while you are on it. Otherwise it will function similar to a ladder as you descend. The advantage this has over a regular ladder is that if you right click a placed ladder with another ladder it will add another ladder at the bottom of all the ladders beneath it. Similarly, if you right click it with just your hand, you will remove a ladder from the bottom of it. This allow for you to retract ladders from the top, and also let them down.

Boarding Axe:

This is, in my opinion, the most useful thing in this mod, if you right click it next to a wall, you will basically ‘jump’ from wherever you are (so, functionally, it is a ladder that you don’t have to place), so you can use this to scale cliffs, additionally, if you successfully rappel on a block, it will calculate and apply all of your fall damage, thus allowing to to rappel up and/or down large cliffs without taking any/much fall damage, I will note, this thing does take damage every time you use it, but it has a lot of uses. Now, this is technically a separate item, but it is mostly useless without the boarding hook, it is called the tether:

If you have this in your inventory, and you sneak-rightclick with a boarding hook, you will ‘tether’ yourself to wherever you are, hold sneak and you will remain there (you kinda bounce around though -better in 0.0.4-, not sure if it will be improved)(release sneak to fall) additionally, if you just right click with the tether when falling, you will tether yourself there, and you will not have to hold sneak, in fact, if you do press sneak, you will fall.

Pirates Mod FoodStuffs

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Fish trap:

This is a block that you place in water, and it will slowly generate fish inside of it (if you place it in the correct amount of water, it will emit bubbles to show that it is working, if it isn’t emitting bubbles, you will need more water around it, also, the Gui has only one slot, and this slot can only hold four fish at a time, so it doesn’t just keep generating them without you. Additionally, some fish will occasionally escape, you can see this when you open the Gui and the amount of fish in it goes down before you can grab them. As of 1.5.4 you can catch different types of fish by planting the right sea plants in the four spaces at a diagonal to the fish trap.
Salt generates like any other ore, but it only generates in sand (as of 1.5.4 it will generate in salt mines as well):

It drops about 2-4 salt items when mined with a pickax. This salt can be crafted back into a block, similar to glowstone, or it can be crafted with steak, pork chops, cooked fish and cooked salmon, which gives you a salted whatever, the salt adds 2 to the hunger value, and 0.2 to the saturation (steak gives you 8 hunger with a 0.8 saturation, so salted beef gives you 10 hunger with 1.0 saturation)

What type of mod doesn’t add some random crop? Not this one, it add cucumbers, which has a very different farming technique, and are rather odd as far as food goes. First, you are going to need some cucumber seeds, as of V0.0.4 you can now find cucumbers in ships chests which you can craft into seeds, and you can no longer get them from grass:Cucumber farming:

For ideal farming, you are going to want to plant them in the middle of a 3×3 area, like thus:Then you can wait for it to grow,  (Not working atm), where it will start to send out shoots to surrounding blocks:(note, once a cucumber is established, it no longer needs tilled soil to grow, but the parent plant does need it to grow more cucumber plants around it)(Note: it does not do all of then at once)Once it does this, you can bonemeal the child plants to get them to adulthood, once at adulthood, they will begin to flower and then produce cucumbers:Top right is the start, and is goes clockwise around, once it reaches the top left you can harvest some cucumbers off of it, you will need to right click it with shears, it will drop a semi-random amount of cucumbers before it reverts back to the top right, then you will have to wait for it to grow again.

The cucumbers restore only 2 hunger, but they do not take time to eat, just right click, and you will eat the whole thing at once.Aditionally, you can craft the cucumbers together with a salt (1 salt 1 cucumber = 1 pickle, 1 salt 4 cucumber = 4 pickle, 1 salt 8 cucumber = 8 pickle (all shapeless)). However, the pickles only restore 1 hunger, but they cure all potion effects, and they also eat instantly, and they stack up to 64… Unlike milk.Both pickles and cucumbers have a saturation modifier of 0.2 as of V0.0.3.

Pirates Mod WorldGen

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A few things, remember that salt from a while back? Good, there is also a “ore” that generates just like the salt, that looks just like sand, that drops a gold nugget instead of sand, it isn’t effected by gravity, and you can’t plant cacti on it, good luck finding any of it Boats:These spawn all over the oceans of minecraft (a bit too much perhaps) on them is one chest, and one MSP. The chest has assorted loot and a item you can only get from these chests: Davy’s Medallion! Which is totally useless in all ways, shapes, and forms (really it is) so you can take those and pitch them into the lava… Or you could hold on to them until they do something. The MSP is a edited mob spawner, the boat will spawn mostly one of the three types of pirates, but it will occasionally spawn one of a different type, just for kicks and giggles.Note: right now all the boats face one direction, this will be fixed at some point.

Sea Rocks:Majestic spires spawning throughout the ocean, mostly these are for flavor, but they have uses. Firstly, they with drop smooth stone when mined, instead of cobble, but that isn’t the main thing. Secondly, the big ones (as in, the really big ones) have a chance to spawn a pocket inside them, and what could be in these pockets? most of the time, air, but sometimes you will get some good stuff:

It does has a small chance of spawning a considerable amount of diamonds, or even a chest!
Sunk Boats:

Pirates who had less fortune then the others, these can be found on the bottom of oceans or even rivers, right now they really don’t do much, these are still rather WIP, I plan to change the look quite a bit, and add loot in the future.As of V0.0.3 they have wood railing on top of the cabin, I an not really sure if I like this better. As of 0.4.2 these will spawn with cursed chests on them, these with have some amounts of loot that will very somewhat from that of ships that are still above the water:

These chests also spawn the ghost pirates, I will warn you though, their drop is really good, you will likely spend a lot of time getting killed by them before you find out how to kill them.

Salt mines:

Basically salt can now spawn underground in large deposits, that are generally circular in shape, they will have air pockets inside that will sometimes contain the remains of an old mine.

Sea Plants:
You have probably noticed the sea plants in some of the above pictures, there are three types:
Kelp:It can grow to 6 blocks tall, and can be farmed, although it has no real use at this point, it will likely be used in the making of salt.
Coral:This stuff also has no use, but it does emit light to make itself known, it has four types, with two grow stages: big, and small, you can right click them in the ‘big’ state to get a coral item of that color, which you can use to grow them elsewhere (don’t break them, they don’t drop anything when destroyed)Note: all the coral blocks use one ID, and all the coral Items use one ID, the coral items have names as of V0.0.4 however, they are all called “Kelp” this will be fixed, this will be fixed later.
Anenomie (or however you spell it):The most useful of the sea plants, there is no way to farm it (will be fixed later on(if you have an idea how these should be farmable, please post it)) it emits light like the coral, but it will also poke mobs, just like a cactus.

Pirates Mod Mobs

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Currently, this mod adds five mobs, three pirates:Being: Cutlass, Gun, and Grenade.The cutlass zombies are much like normal zombies, except they are far faster, and do much more damage (also: try luring one into water). The gun zombies basically shot you with pistols (although the damage they do it more like muskets). And the grenade zombies throw grenades at you (note: with no armor, you can be killed by one grenade, with full diamond, you can take four grenades) These mobs are meant to be rather hard, and force you to use guns/grenades to kill them, These mobs also assume that you have armor, if you don’t, try not to fight them. These mobs spawn very rarely, except from MSPs where they will spawn rather fast, all of these mobs can drop considerable amounts of iron and/or gunpowder.(note: in the future the mobs with likely have there damage toned down, but they will do part of their damage though armor)

Rats:This mobs is still very WIP, it could use a new texture, and probably a new model, but that is coming later, right now they spawn and will generally try to move toward crops, which they will then try to eat, They will flee the player, but it you manage to run one down (or trap it) you can feed it paper to tame it like a wolf, you can then feed it a chest to give it a chest, after which you can right click it with iron plate to open the inventory. Sting can be used to allow them to pick up items they walk onto. Otherwise you can toggle it’s ‘sitting’ and following by right clicking it, it’s texture will appear more sooty if they are sitting. If they are tamed, you can feed them cucumbers to heal them.

Ghost pirates:

In addition to this, if you right click the armor without medallions and with a ghost wrappings in your inventory it will be repaired about 1/3 of its total condition.

In addition to this, that armor can’t be enchanted in the normal way, you need to use pirate medallions to enchant them (be very careful to only have one medallion at a time, and not to put the same enchant on twice). To enchant, hold the armor in your hand with a medallion in your inventory along with an item to correspond to the enchant (make sure not to have any others) then right click with the armor, it will use up the medallion and the item, and give it an enchantment. (note: some enchants don’t work on certain armor (eg, helmets are the only one effected by respiration) so be careful enchanting things) the items needed for the enchants are as follows:
protection = iron plate
fireProtection = gunpowder trail
featherFalling = rope
blastProtection = grenade
projectileProtection = shot
respiration = kelp
aquaAffinity = coral
thorns = anenomie
This is not going to be the only use for the medallions, so be conservative.

How to install Pirates Mod 1.7.10

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download Pirates Mod.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • If the “mods” folder does not exist you can create one.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  • Enjoy Pirates Mod.

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