Pokemon and Pokeballs in Minecraft.

How to use:

To capture a mob with a Pokeball, simply throw one at the mob. There are eight different mobs you can catch, pig, sheep, cow, chicken, zombie, creeper, spider, skeleton. To release them, throw your Pokeball with the mob in it on the ground. This will release the mob where the mob drops, and you will get your Pokeball back. To summon either Charmander of Pikachu, build the structure in this posts image. Place a lapis block in the middle, and four quartz stairs coming out from the middle. Next, stand on the lapis block and throw either a creeper skull (Pikachu) or blaze powder (Charmander). This will create your chosen Pokemon. Pikachu will give you resistance and will also summon lightning down on the mobs you attack. Charmander will give you fire resistance and also will summon fire around the mobs you hit! To remove either Pokemon, stand near them, sneak and look straight down!

Pokemon Command

For Minecraft 1.9.4

Download from Server 1

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