Portable Furnaces Addon (1.20) introduces novel furnaces to your game, but they’re anything but ordinary. These are portable furnaces that operate quite distinctively. They function with nearly all items and seamlessly integrate with ores from other addons, as long as they follow a similar mechanism to vanilla ores.


  • The primary fuel for these furnaces is Redstone. A single unit of Redstone can heat up to 5 items, while a Redstone block provides enough fuel to heat up a whopping 45 items.

  • To add the fuel to the furnace, you just need to have it in your inventory and interact with the furnace, you can’t be crouched if your intention is to fill the furnace with the fuel.

If you already have enough fuel and want to heat up your items in the furnace, you simply keep them in your inventory and crouch while interacting with the furnace. When you do this, it will light up.

As long as it has fuel, the furnace will continue to heat up items, remembering that it gives priority to items from nearby slots, especially the Hotbar.

  • 1 – Hotbar
  • 2 – Slots of the top
  • 3 – Slots of the middle
  • 4 – Slots of the down

  • Basic furnace: 10s
  • Copper furnace: 9s
  • Iron furnace: 8s
  • Gold furnace: 7s
  • Diamond furnace: 6s
  • Netherite furnace: 4s
  • Netherstar furnace: ???

The Netherstar furnace heats all the items you have instantly depending on the amount of fuel

Some recipes:

How to install:

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Portable Furnaces Addon (1.20) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.20

mcaddon: Download from server 1Download from server 2

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