Powder snow, a new type of snow that is not as solid or stable as regular snow. Powder snow can be a deadly trap for anyone who steps on it, as it will make them sink and freeze slowly. But it can also be a great camouflage for yourself or your items, as it can hide you from sight and sound. In this article, we will show you how to get and use powder snow as a trap or a camouflage in Minecraft, and how to avoid falling victim to it yourself.

Powder Snow Block in Minecraft

How to Get Powder Snow

Powder snow can be found naturally in two biomes: groves and snowy slopes. These are new sub-biomes that are part of the six newly introduced mountain biomes in Minecraft 1.20. Groves are snowy forests with azalea trees and moss blocks, while snowy slopes are barren hills with powder snow and ice patches. You can also find goats and rabbits in these biomes.

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To collect powder snow, you will need an iron bucket. You can craft an iron bucket with three iron ingots placed in a V shape in a crafting grid. Then, you can use the bucket on a powder snow block to collect it by right-clicking on it. You will get a powder snow bucket, which you can use to place powder snow anywhere you want.

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Another way to get powder snow is to place a cauldron in a grove or a snowy slope biome and wait for it to snow. During snowfall, the cauldron will slowly fill up with powder snow. Once the cauldron is full, you can use a bucket to retrieve the powder snow from it.

How to Use Powder Snow as a Trap

Powder snow can be used as a trap for other players or mobs, as it has some unique properties that make it dangerous. First of all, powder snow is not solid, which means that most entities can walk through it and sink into it. However, sinking into powder snow will reduce your mobility and vision, making it hard to escape. Secondly, powder snow is very cold, which means that staying in it for too long will cause freezing damage. Freezing damage will lower your health and give you a blue overlay on your screen. You can see how cold you are by looking at the frost icon next to your hunger bar.

How To Get Powder Snow In Minecraft & How To Use It

There are some exceptions to these effects, though. Some mobs are immune to sinking and freezing damage from powder snow, such as polar bears, foxes, strays, and snow golems. Also, players who wear leather armor or leather boots can avoid freezing damage or sinking into powder snow, respectively.

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To use powder snow as a trap, you can place it on the ground or on top of other blocks where other players or mobs might walk over it. For example, you can place it near your base entrance or around your crops to prevent intruders from getting in. You can also place it over holes or pits to make them invisible and drop unsuspecting victims into them. You can also use pistons or dispensers to move or place powder snow blocks dynamically and create more complex traps.

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One interesting thing about powder snow is that skeletons who stay in it will transform into strays after a while. Strays are variants of skeletons that shoot slowness arrows at their targets. This means that you can use powder snow to create a skeleton farm that produces strays and slowness arrows.

How to Use Powder Snow as a Camouflage

Powder snow can also be used as a camouflage for yourself or your items, as it blends well with the snowy environment and hides what is inside it. To use powder snow as a camouflage, you can place it on yourself or on your chests, furnaces, crafting tables, or other blocks that you want to conceal. Then, you can sneak into the powder snow block by pressing the shift key and become invisible to other players or mobs.

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However, there are some drawbacks to using powder snow as a camouflage. First of all, you will still be affected by the freezing damage if you stay in the powder snow for too long without leather armor. Secondly, you will still make sounds when you move or interact with items inside the powder snow block, which might alert nearby enemies. Thirdly, some mobs might be able to detect you through the powder snow block if they have special senses, such as spiders or wolves.

Therefore, you should use powder snow as a camouflage only when necessary and for short periods of time. You should also be careful not to make too much noise or attract unwanted attention.


Powder snow is a new block that adds more challenge and fun to the game. You can use it as a trap or a camouflage to trick or hide from other players or mobs. However, you should also be aware of the risks and limitations of using powder snow, as it can also harm you or expose you. We hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new. Happy mining!

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