Power Swords Mod is a mod by chri60a1. Works with FML. This mod adds new swords into the game all the sword has it own power



  • This mod dosn’t overwrite any Minecraft base files.
  • Requires ModLoader or Forge.
  • This is coded on mac so, when you open the .zip there might be a folder called MAC_OSX, JUST DELETE IT!.
  • Delete the ds_*** files
  • Alot more to come.


All the swords(except the sword of poison) when right click the sword will loose durabillity but if you hit an entity with the sword, the swords durabillty will increase.

Sword of Lightning:

On right click this sword will cast a lightning where ever you are looking.

Sword of Fire:

On right click on a block it will set the block on fire works like a flint and steel

Sword of Healing:

This sword only have 20 health. every time you hit a entity the health will increase on right click your health goes up

Sword of Hunger:

This sword is the same as the sword of healing except it heals the hunger bar.

Sword of Speed:

When right click and hold it will give you speed IV.

Sword of the Weather:

On right click it toggles rain. takes som time to get from raining to sun

Sword of Time

On right click it changes the time between night and day but it have a chance to change to evening or dawn.

Sword of Poison

This sword adds posion to all the mobs you hit and decrease the health of the sword.
if you right click the it will take your health and transfer it to the swords health.

Sword of Teleportation

on right click it will cast ender pearl and teleport you to the place the ender pearls hit.

Sword of Invisibility

On right click you get invisable for 15 secs per click.

Sword of Pickaxe

Diamond sword and a pickaxe in one usefull for cave mining with alot of monsters nearby.

Sword of Budderness

On right click it spawns a squid and a tnt 8 blocks above the squid(to minimize the ground damage)
to kill the annoying squid.
the sword kills everything on first hit.


  • Remember to install modloader and delete META-INF.
  • Unzip the .zip file.
  • Place the folder(PowerSword mod) in the folder called mods, in your .minecraft
  • Done



  • New textures
  • Butter sword: new name: Sword of Budderness
  • Name is in yellow like budder!
  • New Textures too all the swords by shadows0404.

Download Links for Power Swords Mod:


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