Get this extensive prison world now! Prison Map (1.19) features a house, building, bank, supermarket, city hall, cemetery, and the main attraction, the prison. If you crave ample room for exploration and possibly even construction, then you’ll appreciate the ample additional space available on the map. Add your personal challenges and structures for even more fun. Play the classic game of cops and robbers with your friends. This map took countless hours to create, so make sure to relish in the hard work.


  • When you start, chose Police Officer, grab a sword, baton, three Key 1s, and two of each Key 2 and Key 3! Key 1 goes into the hoppers next to the cafeteria and yard. Key 2 goes in the hopper in the armory room. (Go to the shower, located next to the cafeteria, then go in the oak door, and there is a button behind the banner. Key 3 goes into the hopper in the small room by the front prison wall. Once done with the keys, take it back out (just 1!) Make sure other players do not cheat. It is recommended you have a “schedule” in the prison. For example, breakfast, then shower, then exercise, etc. Make sure to create a copy of the world after every time you play to guarantee fun forever!
  • These are just some of the many things on this amazing map! There is way more than shown in these images. Tens of thousands of blocks were used to build this beautiful creation! You can do anything here! So, download this maximum-security prison!


  • Do not touch or raid armor stands with heads.
  • Do not use creative mode.
  • Do not cheat in any way.
  • Do not open any prison hoppers unless you are a cop.
  • Do not break any doors that require an unlock. (Not including prison cell doors!)
  • Use levers and buttons only for their correct area.
  • Do not stack up with blocks.
  • Do not break into the safe, bank vault, or anywhere important with fists.
  • If you see any redstone, do not interfere with it.
  • Do not spawn-kill anybody.
  • Try to make sure everybody on the server knows how to play.
  • Have fun!


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For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19

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