It adds health bars and a team system to the game. Health bar is shown above the player’s head and includes a HUD to keep track of your team members. It also includes status effect icons so you can know when one of your teammate is dying of poisonning.



  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download ProfMobius’s Health Bars Mod
  • Put zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done


Once you get a game started, just type in the chat window /invite <PlayerName> to invite another player to your team. This player will have to put the command /accept in the chat window. After that, you should be able to see the health bar for this player.

  • /invite <Playername> : Invite a player to your team.
  • /accept : Accept the last invite you received.
  • /leave : Quit your team.
  • /listteam : Get a list of all the players in your team.
  • /autoaccept <on|off> : Turns on & off automatic accept of invitations.



  • When a player get out of bed during night, a msg will be broadcasted to all players in the dimension.
  • Team members are shown around the center of the screen as miniature heads (based on player skin). The orientation of the head gives a general direction of the player. The distance is shown below the head. Never lose your friends ever again !
  • Keybind to show/hide the mini heads (unbound by default).
  • Keybinds to move around the team HUD (unbound by default).
  • Keybinds to change the radius of the miniheads (unbound by default).
  • Upon reconnect, the server will remember your team and send back an invitation automatically.
  • Teams are removed only when there is no player online. As long as at least one team member remains, other players will receive the auto invitation.
  • You can now automatically accept invitation by using the “/autoaccept on” command. You can turn it off by using “/autoaccept off”. Along with the autosend, should make handling teams easier.
  • Fixed dimension display.
  • Removed an annoying debug msg left over by error.
  • Complete rework of the internal team handling.
  • Reworked the team HUD. It now shows the armor, experience and dimension of the other players (General request from many people).

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