Progression Craft (Redone) Addon (1.20, 1.19) is a Bedrock Edition addon pack that offers a challenging Minecraft gameplay experience with a progression system. Inspired by Sevtech Modpack, this addon pack has its own unique twist to overcome the limitations of Bedrock modding. Starting from basic wooden tools to modern automation, players will face challenging gameplay to progress. The pack also includes a quest progression to follow, just don’t lose the book!


Addons Used:

  • Strat’s Food Expansion
  • TT’s Copper and Steel
  • Almost Vanilla
  • Nature’s Spirit
  • bum_Crops
  • bum_Flora
  • Leather Tanner
  • Fuel Overhaul
  • Llama’s Forge
  • Soul Magic
  • Advanced Machinery
  • Rocks+
  • Redone Natural Structures
  • Back To Basics
  • Toast’s Engineering 2
  • Revamped Mobs
  • Magical Spells
  • Tinkerers Legacy
  • TerraEnhance
  • Create
  • Basic Machinery
  • Dynamic Lighting

Age 1: New Beginnings (Beginning -> Stone)

  • Start off your exploration by grabbing your first quest book either from your starter chest or crafting it! (You’ll need the chest from the starter chest) You will notice new biomes due to terra enhancement!

Collecting Resources

  • The main focus of this age is collecting resources to help you succeed. For the halfway point, you will need to create leather.

Chopping Block

  • Wood collecting is different early on! No longer can you put logs into your inventory and pop some planks back (at least in age 1, you’ll have to craft the ability later)  Start by stripping the log and placing it on the chopping block. After placing it use your interact button to start chopping with your axe.

  • After you have retrieved your planks make a makeshift crafting table! You will notice that your crafting recipes are limited!

Creating Leather

  • To upgrade your crafting table and unlock mining you will need to create leather. Start by making your barrel or (two) and a drying rack!

  • Fill it up using a fluid bladder! Scrape your hide clean and wash.

  • Put tannis in one of the barrels of water and salt the hide, then dry!

  • After upgrading, you will unlock the ability to mine!
  • What can you do with a wooden pickaxe… not much but it’ll work for now. Get your mining trip kickstarted by finding coal and deepslate. This is needed to create a stronger stone needed for very primal technology!

Mortar and Pestle

  • You will have to craft both the mortar and the pestle. This is needed to grind down those petals and bones into a finer powder capable of dying items. It is also very useful for crushing crystals!

The Manual Crusher

  • As there is no power, you will have to put your back into it. The manual crusher can be exhausting on your hunger but will give you access to crushed cobblestone.

  • Create the required concrete from the crushed concrete and combine it with porcelain bricks to unlock both the creation of early tools and the next age!

Age 2: Primal Age (Stone -> Iron)

  • Start off age with access to a new set of tools! The stone tools will give you the ability to mine ores underground! (But not through tougher stone ores, like deepslate) Gather Copper, Tin, Zinc, and Amber!

Wood Upgrades

  • Focus down the tin path to create a very convenient upgrade for your primal table! Have access to many wooden recipes and you will no longer have to use the chopping block! (Finally access to doors!! No chest yet, use droppers)

Magical Necessities

  • Once far enough you will figure out that you will need a casting basin and melting basin to create ingots, but how do we get heat to power the melting basin? Turn to magical sources. Start off by making the ritual table necessary for weapons that are very useful up ahead.

  • Make sure the soul infuser is set up right! Hopefully, you’ve been saving those soul scraps because you will be needing it them for the ritual!
  • Using mob parts and paper create the necessary materials for a spell or two. You will be taking on a big boss.

Create your beginner Spell: The shooter spell!

  • For more intensive spells you will need runes made from common materials! You will also need to create mana potions to continuously have enough energy to use your weapon.


  • To create the boss, in order to make ingots, you will need to corrupt some of your environment. Grab some of the wood, some plants, and make yourself a chest or go straight into the corruption battle. (To get a distorted sapling corrupt any vanilla sapling)

  • Defeat the boss and grab your heating component! Now you are able to create your melting basin and have some extra goodies. (You have to share if you’re playing multiplayer)

Creating Ingots/Alloying

  • Create ingots by fueling the melting basin with lava and then putting the smeltable version of each raw ore into the furnace. Don’t worry, there will be a more efficient way to create bars in the next age!

  • Put whatever mold you want to put in the casting basin and then put clay on it (or brass if you have made it!)
  • Create bronze in order to mine iron, make iron ingots, and upgrade your crafting table to age 3!

Age 3: Machinery Age (Iron -> Steel)

  • Start Age 3 by collecting twine again! This time condense the twine into rope, something stronger that’ll keep your tools together. Create your iron pickaxe and start mining your gold, silver, and Redstone! You also now have access to the bucket and stonecutter!


  • A portion of age 3 is focused on culinary. Explore the foods you can make inside of Bums_crops and Strats Food Expansion!

Machinery (Primal)

  • Now with the new invention of rope, you are able to use tension! After creating the hand crank and the cog you will be able to power things manually. Create a crushing wheel to crush raw blocks and natural blocks such as kelp and wheat to create twine and ore dust of the type that can be immediately smelt inside of the furnace!

  • Create the manual sieve to sift out flint and salt automatically and have a rare chance of finding nuggets.

Entering the Nether

  • To create energies that don’t run off of mechanical energy we need to go deeper. Create a nether portal to get a smashing table! This will allow you to make metal plates capable of making basic machinery!

Machinery (Basic)

  • With plates create the machine base! It’ll be the base of many machines. This little section will first take you through storing energy and creating the electrical stuff behind the machines! Also having access to hoppers and conveyors will make machinery more manageable!

  • Start creating energy with the coal generator. It only takes 1 coal per input so do not put a stack of coal in at once! (OR IT WILL GOBBLE IT ALL FOR 1 ENERGY)

  • This will unlock the need for power cables and management! Focus on the liquid pump books to be able to unlock oil! The rest is all useful utilities!

  • Inserting lava into the freezer will give you access to obsidian! The Oil Rig requires advanced power so upgrade your power before pumping it into the oil rig.

  • From the oil, the rig pumps the oil into the plastic refinery to create plastics! Use fluid cables. This will allow you to create the heavy press! A heavy press is needed to crush those heavy-duty bricks.

  • From those bricks, you can create a mixture that is heat-resistant enough for the bloomery, which will finally be used to create steel!

Back to the Nether

  • Go back to the nether and this time it’s necessary to find a nether fortress for blaze rods! (Normal Minecraft Progression) While you are there find a warped forest necessary for a barrel heat resistant enough but cool enough to cool steel!

  • Make sure to capture a soul while there!

Creating Steel

  • To create steel we need all the proper equipment. You will need tongs, a hammer (TT’s Steel & Copper Specific), an anvil, and a quenching bucket.

  • Fuel the bloomery with carbon-rich coal and light it with a torch or flint and steel, if you found one.

  • Insert 2 iron ingots inside and take out with tongs! This will give you a bloom. Place the bloom on an anvil and smash it with the hammer. This will give you the hot steel ingot. Then quench in a quenching bucket full of water.

Obtaining a Soul

  • With access to steel you will have many more powerful spells at your disposal, just upgrade your runes! You will also have access to the tinkerer’s table which allows you to create many powerful weapons!

  • Get ready for another boss fight! Slightly explosive, once defeated will drop a soul! Needed to create soul steel and will be able to upgrade your crafting table once again.


Fun Books/Quests

  • These fun quest books are something that you craft at their respective age. Look out for each one as they might offer something good when you’re very early off! 😉 The bundle will give you 5 books! (so make sure you have the inventory space)


  • For whatever reason, not all versions of Bedrock render all codes the same way. Sometimes for certain devices structures do not work. So I’ve created a separate option to turn on specific recipes to get the essentials and items that do not spawn in vanilla Minecraft! Activate it through the Behavior Pack Gears if you do not see any naturally generating structures.

  • Turn on from base to Craftable items!

Installation Note:

When downloading a New Version please delete the previous version and activate the newer one!

Make sure you activated all the following Experimental Gameplay Options:

  • Holiday Creator Features are for the basic functionality of Addons!
  • Custom Biomes Enable custom generation necessary for progression! (Bushes, Rocks, Plants)
  • Upcoming Creator Features are used in many of the Addons.
  • Molang Features are for machinery!

World Settings:

  • Render Distance: 10 – 20 chunks (Depends on how powerful your device is)
  • Starter Chest should be turned on! Will give you some goodies to help and your first Quest Book!
  • Simulation Distance as High as you can go without lagging.

Expect some bugs as mixing addons from different versions and ages will sometimes break certain entities and have some unexpected errors. As well as parity.

How to install:

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Progression Craft (Redone) Addon (1.20, 1.19) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19

Behavior (Age 3): Download from server 1Download from server 2

Resource (Age 3): Download from server 1Download from server 2

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.20

mcaddon (Age 1): Download from server 1Download from server 2

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