Welcome to Project Pixel Acceleracers Addon (1.19), the creator’s main Minecraft Bedrock project that brings the Hot Wheels Acceleracers universe to life. They are excited to announce Season 3 of the PPA update, now available for one convenient download. Each team – TEKU, METAL MANIACS, RACING DRONES, SILENCERZ, and ACCELEDROME CREW – has its own unique abilities, which will be explained below.


Basic Information:

  • Project Pixel Acceleracers Basic :

Welcome to PPA, the creator is a Hot Wheels Acceleracers fan, these is his recreation of the movie Hot Wheel Acceleracers it self adapt to Minecraft, if you don’t know about Hot Wheels Acceleracers, you can watch the movie first if you want, for now, let’s take a tour about the addon.

  • Abilities :

Some cars not required “Jump Button” to activate the abilities they already have automatically. But now let’s start the tutorial on how to use abilities.

Basic vehicle:

> TEKU [JUMP JET]: Use “Jump Button” to active the abilities, same thing as horse.

> METAL MANIACS [STRONGER]: Its already automated on, just go through lava, and test some fall damage, its more strong than other vehicle.

> RACING DRONES [PLASMA]: Use “Jump Button” to shot, it will shot plasma to TEKU, METAL MANIACS, ACCELEDROME CREW. [FOR NOW IT’S UNABLE]

> SILENCERZ [INVISIBLE]: Use “Jump Button” to Invisible mode, you only had 20 seconds to invisible mode. [FOR NOW IT’S UNABLE]


  1. 55 Chevy Nomad : can use Jump Jet, same as Teku have.
  2. Krazy8s : Increase speed when in Sand. [FOR NOW IT’S UNABLE]

Special Vehicle:

Sweeper Drones: This vehicle can break through blocks.

  • Wrench :

How to fix the damaged car? same thing as giving food, like a horse, pig, etc.

  • Nitrox2 :

The Blue one is Full of Nitrox2, carefully use it! only 3 times you can use nitrox2! so save them if you really need them. How to use them? it’s the same thing as a pig! it’s a re-texture Carrots on a Stick and Fishing Rods.

  • In case you’ve had trouble with :
  1. How do kill the car using a fist or sword? : “crouch then punch the car”.
  2. The Language is only available for ENG for moment.
  3. You don’t need to turn on any experimental features.
  4. In case you wanna spawn a car with the command they not required any spaces, for example: “/summon teku:slingshot” even tho that car had spaces in the name it self.
  5. Compatible with other Addons, except the “Nitrox2” may overwrite/overlap the texture with the other package if you’re using other pack.

Project Pixel Acceleracers Visual:


  • Teku Car list :

Bassline, Spectyte, Deora II, Chicane, Sling Shot, Synkro, Reverb, High Voltage, Battle Spec, Power Rage

  • Special Car :

Bassora [Unoffocial]

  • Command/Egg to spawn :

Command: /summon teku:[CAR NAME]

Command: /summon teku:[CAR NAME].toys

Egg: Spawn [CAR NAME] | TEKU

Egg: Spawn [CAR NAME] | TEKU | Toys

  • Weakness: Lava [25 tick dead]

Metal Maniacs

  • Metal Maniacs Car list :

Hollow back, Flathead Fury, 70 Road Runner, Piledriver, Jack Hammer, Rivited, Rolling Thunder, Ratified, Spine Buster

  • Special Car :
  • Command/Egg to spawn :

Command: /summon metalmaniacs:[CAR NAME]

Command: /summon metalmaniacs:[CAR NAME].toys


Egg: Spawn [CAR NAME] | METAL MANIACS | Toys

Racing Drones

  • Racing Drones Car list :

RD01, RD02, RD03, RD04, RD05, RD06, RD08, RD09, RD10, more car are coming…

  • Special Car :

Sweeper Drones

  • Command/Egg to spawn :

Command: /summon racingdrones:[CAR NAME]

Command: /summon racingdrones:[CAR NAME].toys


Egg: Spawn [CAR NAME] | RACING DRONES | Toys

  • Weakness: Lava [4 tick dead]


  • Silencerz Car list :

Technetium, Nitrium, Metaloid, Carbide, Octanium, Iridium, Anthracite, Accelium, more car are coming…

  • Special Car :
  • Command/Egg to spawn :

Command: /summon silencerz:[CAR NAME]

Command: /summon silencerz:[CAR NAME].toys


Egg: Spawn [CAR NAME] | SILENCERZ | Toys

  • Weakness: Lava [25 tick dead]

Acccleledrome Crew

  • Silencerz Car list :

Krazy8s, 55 Chevy Nomad, and more cars are coming…

  • Special Car :
  • Command/Egg to spawn :

Command: /summon acceledromecrew:[CAR NAME]

Command: /summon acceledromecrew:[CAR NAME].toys



  • Weakness: Lava [25 tick dead]

Toys Scale vs Real Size:

“Use Invisibility Potion if you wanna ride the Toys Version”

Congratulations! now you just changed to “Hot Wheels beat That” game in Minecraft!

Installation Note:

  • You don’t need to turn on any Experimental Features.

How to install:

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Project Pixel Acceleracers Addon (1.19) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19

mcaddon: Download from server 1Download from server 2

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