ProjectKorra Core Plugin (1.19.4, 1.19.2) is an innovative and expansive plugin that brings the world of elemental bending from the “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and “The Legend of Korra” series to Minecraft. This plugin allows players to master the four elements—Water, Earth, Fire, and Air—each with unique abilities and techniques, enhancing the gameplay experience with a blend of combat, role-playing, and strategy.


  • Elemental Bending: Players can choose from four bending disciplines—Water, Earth, Fire, and Air—each with a variety of skills and abilities that mimic those from the “Avatar” series.
  • Custom Abilities: Administrators can create and configure custom abilities, providing endless possibilities for unique server experiences.
  • Element Mastery: Players can level up and master their chosen element, unlocking more powerful abilities and techniques.
  • Combos and Techniques: Advanced combos and techniques add depth and strategy to bending, allowing players to chain moves for greater impact.
  • Dynamic Combat: Elemental bending enhances combat with visually impressive and strategically complex abilities.
  • Integration with RPG Plugins: Seamlessly integrates with RPG plugins, enhancing role-playing servers with elemental bending mechanics.
  • Active Community and Support: Supported by an active community and regular updates, ensuring the plugin stays current and bug-free.



Command Description Usage Permission Node
/bending help Shows help on a given command. /bending help [Command] (DEFAULT)
/bending bind Binds an ability so a player can use it. If a slot is not specified, it will bind to whichever item slot the player is currently on. /bending bind [Slot] bending.command.bind (DEFAULT)
/bending choose Chooses an element. Players can rechoose their bending with the appropriate permissions and admins with appropriate permissions can pick elements for other players. /bending choose [Player] bending.command.choose (DEFAULT) bending.command.rechoose (OP) bending.admin.choose (OP)
/bending clear Clears a bound ability. If no slot is specified, it’ll clear all bound abilities. /bending clear [Slot] bending.command.clear (DEFAULT)
/bending preset This command manages presets, which are saved sets of bound abilities. /bending preset <list|create|delete|bind|>[Preset] bending.command.preset.list (DEFAULT) bending.command.preset.create.2 (DEFAULT) bending.command.preset.create (DEFAULT) bending.command.preset.bind (DEFAULT) bending.command.preset.delete (DEFAULT)
/bending toggle Toggles a player’s bending on/off. Server admins can use this to toggle specific elements or bending for the entire server. /bending toggle [All|Element|Player] bending.command.toggle (DEFAULT) bending.command.toggle.all (OP)
/bending version Checks to see which version of ProjectKorra you are running on. /bending version bending.command.version (DEFAULT)
/bending who Views information of players on a server, or a specific player if one is specified. /bending who [Page|Player] bending.command.who (DEFAULT)

Admin Commands:

Command Description Usage Permission Node
/bending add Gives a player the specified element or subelement /bending add <Player> <Element | SubElement> bending.command.add (OP) bending.command.add.others (OP)
/bending check Checks to see if your server is using the latest version of ProjectKorra /bending check bending.command.check (OP)
/bending copy This will allow a player to copy the binds of another player either for himself, or assign them to another player if one is specified. /bending copy [Player] bending.command.copy (DEFAULT) bending.command.copy.assign (OP)
/bending debug Outputs information on ProjectKorra and the installed add-ons. /bending debug bending.admin.debug (OP)
/bending import Imports data from Orion’s original MinecraftTLA plugin. This should only be done once. /bending import bending.command.import (OP)
/bending invincible Makes the player invincible to all bending damage until they log off or use the command again. /bending invincible bending.command.invincible (OP)
/bending permaremove Permanently removes a player’s bending. Players will not be able to pick their bending again until this command is run on them again. /bending permaremove bending.admin.permaremove (OP)
/bending reload Reloads the bending config file. /bending reload bending.command.reload (OP)
/bending remove Removes specified element from player, or all of a player’s Bending if no element is specified. /bending remove [Element] bencing.admin.remove (OP)

How to install:

ProjectKorra Core Plugin (1.19.4, 1.19.2) Download Links

For All Versions from Minecraft 1.16 to Minecraft 1.19.4

Download from Server 1 – Download from Server 2

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