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Rainvale high is a long horror map with intricate story and eerie environments. It is meant to be a full experience that builds up slowly, but will freak you out tremendously in due time. It will not only startle you with in-your-face horror but also with psychological aspects such as the story, environments and unique gameplay mechanics that will make you think you’re going crazy. This map was highly inspired by the PSP horror game “Corpse Party”. If you liked that, you will probably like this.



  • Custom textures, sounds and environment (Automatically installed with the map)
  • Multiple endings depending on your efforts.
  • Unique storyline shown through cutscenes, and optional extended backstory.
  • Collectibles, for those that like exploring for rewards.
  • Around two hours of playtime.
  • FREE goosebumps, even when “nothing” happens.

Expect a map that can take a while if you want to examine everything thorougly and if you want to indulge in the story. The map will take around two hours if you do.

However, for the people less interested in the story it is also possible to disregard most of the backstory and just play on. There are no important hints hidden away in the backstory that are needed to complete the map.

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Map Guide:

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Classroom 1-B (ok, this one is pretty tricky):

There is a button under the desk in the middle of the room. You should just be able to see it, but you need to get *just* close enough to use it.

The tool and equipment storage

There is a way out, but if you can’t find it, just jump to your death in the pit and you’ll spawn outside.

Classroom 1-D

Open the chest to get stuck, then walk to the front of the room to read the signs, open the chest again, walk to the front, and open the chest again. Now, you should be able to leave.

Science laboratory

There is a hidden door in the wall under the actual torch (not the redstone torches).

Dark room (2-C)

This one shouldn’t be that hard, right? Just click the button, open the chest, find the key, open the door.


Well, there is a way out, but if you can’t find it, again, just jump to your death and you will spawn outside.

  • The “hallway” with spirits: First, press the button. Then, walk back and forth between the halways a few times. New dialogue should keep popping up. Eventually the door opens and you can find a key there. Use it on the opposite classroom and a hole should open in the wall, where you can leave.
  • Pool changing room: Well, there is a hole in the corner. Just go down there!

MINI-WALKTHROUGH (for if you REALLY don’t know what to do anymore)

  • Enter the school by climbing the bus
  • Go inside and find a glass bottle in the cafeteria.
  • At the very end of the hallway (ground floor) is a small room with a fuel tank beneath it. Get some fuel.
  • Go to the basement (outside) to find the generator. Add fuel, flick the switch a few times, profit.
  • Take the side-door back in to get to the faculty room for a courtyard keycard. Use on the courtyard doors.
  • Find a key in the auditorium (before going outside). Find a shovel in the gym-storage building (near the track field).
  • Dig up the grave of suzan in the courtyard to find 1 courtyard key. You found the other one in the auditorium.
  • Use both courtyard keys on the small doors in the courtyard. For now, go into the right one.
  • Go to science lab and find key for 1-E. Exit by a hidden door in the wall (under the proper torch), then enter 1-E.
  • Get scared. Survive. Go upstairs to the music room (end of the dark hallway), press button on the piano.
  • Go to clubroom A (through the courtyard, one of the smaller doors)
  • Go through the flesh hallway (upstairs) to find a (relatively normal) room with a “normal key“.
  • Use normal key at the A/V room (upstairs) to enter that room, and find special boots.
  • Wear the boots to cross the bloody, dark hallway and find a way through.
  • In the small & slow hallway with breaking glass, there is one path with flesh you can go into.
  • In the nightmare area, press a button (will play a sound) and then go back and forth between classrooms
  • A door will open eventually. Get a key from a chest. Use this key in the opposite classroom to continue.
  • You should be back in the normal school area. Go upstairs near the gym and enter a

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For Minecraft 1.8


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