About Raise The Flag 3: Puzzle Run

Raise the Flag 3: Puzzle Run is a multiplayer minigame for 2-8 players! The aim of this map is to complete the various challenges before the other teams manage to do so and place your flag on the top of the flagpole in the centre.


Raise The Flag 3 Map Screenshots:



Map Trailer:

Map Rules:

  • 1: Play in adventure mode (gamemode 2)
  • 2: Only use the shears in your starting chest to break your flag if you accidentally place it.
  • 3: No Cheating!

Server Setttings:

  • Command Blocks – ON
  • PVP – True
  • doMobSpawning – false
  • commandBlockOutput – false
  • mobGriefing – false
  • keepInventory – true
  • difficulty – 1+

How to install:

Download links for Raise The Flag 3: Puzzle Run Map



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