Relaxed Default Resource Pack 1.14.4, 1.13.2 for Minecraft aims to provide a realistic atmosphere and feeling to the game while still keeping most of the vanilla touch on it. Aiming to make the game look better while staying faithful to the default resource pack. It makes subtle changes to many mobs, items, blocks, and other textures. Built with the primary purpose of retaining the game’s core art style while refining the visuals in a variety of different ways, Relaxed Default has done a fantastic job at enchanting the original textures into something more vivid and lively. The packs also get rid of most of the noise from the textures and also gives the color palette a pretty significant lift in order to make sure it synergizes with the design of the newly implemented textures. Beside many subtle changes to the models and some implements to make the game better, Relaxed Default stays utterly faithful to the game core, so fans of the original Minecraft visuals will definitely be pleased. This pack is definitely great for players who enjoy the vanilla game but want a slight change. Of course, being a Default Pack, Relaxed Default will only require a Lil bit higher than the usual resolution of 32x, so there definitely won’t be any problems running the game.

Relaxed Default Resource Pack


Relaxed Default Screenshots 2

Relaxed Default Screenshots 3

Relaxed Default Screenshots 4

Relaxed Default Screenshots 5

Relaxed Default Screenshots 6

Relaxed Default Screenshots 7

Relaxed Default Screenshots 1



How to install:

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