About Ruins of the Dead Map

Ruins of the Dead is a map in which you Survive Waves of the un-dead. Set in an ancient ruined underground temple, you will have to fight off 16 waves of zombies before entering the zombie lair.


Zombies come in waves. There are 16 waves. On the way you can get new weapons, armour, upgrades and more! You can set traps for zombies, find the hidden chests around the map, enchant your weapons and find hidden areas!


There have been tales of a forgotten underground temple for years. The story has passed on for generations. It is said that there lies the home of all zombies. Many brave adventurers have gone searching for the temple, but none of them have come back alive.

There was said to be a map, that would lead straight to the zombie temple. You dont remember how but somehow you have possession of this map. You decide you would go looking for these ruins. Zombies have been terrorising your village for years. You should head out to the ruins and put a stop to it all.

You get together some gear, have a big meal and leave for the ruins…

Ruins of the Dead Map Screenshots:









How to Install Single Player:

  • 1. Download the Map
  • 2. Look for it in your downloads folder
  • 3. Right Click on it and click ‘Extract All…’ (Make sure ‘Show extracted files when complete.’ box is ticked!)
  • 4. Double click on ‘Install Map’
  • 5. The map should now be in your Minecraft saves!

How to install/Start Server:

  • 1. Download the map
  • 2. Look for it in your downloads folder
  • 3. Right Click on it and click ‘Extract All…’ (Make sure ‘Show extracted files when complete.’ box is ticked!)
  • 4. Double click ‘Start Server’, or ‘Start Server (Alternative)’ If first one didn’t work.
  • 5. Port forward your router so other people can join
  • 6. Get your IP address from ipchicken.com, join with that ip and play the map!

Download links for Ruins of the Dead Map:

Single Player


Multi Player


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