About Ruins Of The Mindcrackers Map

Ruins Of The Mindcrackers Map is a CTM map. It is based on the server called Mindcrack. Mindcrack is a server created by Guude. The goal of the map is to complete the Mindcrack monument, the map is designed to be very anti-grinding aswell as easy to medium difficulty.


Ruins Of The Mindcrackers Screenshots:



Ruins Of The Mindcrackers Info:

  • Linear Branching
  • Wool & 1 skull monument.
  • Anti-Grinding/Youtube friendly
  • 1.4.7 – 1.5 playable
  • Play time 8-16 hours, youtube wise 15-25 episodes 20-30 minutes long.
  • Easy – Medium, depends on your playstyle really, if you’re not a explorer you’ll still do very good.
  • Teleportation back to each intersection and the monument to reduce walking by A LOT.
  • Rails in big areas to reduce walking & being bored.

Download links for Ruins Of The Mindcrackers Map:



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