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Scalimatis Map is an adventure map from Grax. This is a dream, generated by a morbid mind. An imaginary world you encounter sometimes during your sleep is now real for you. Well, at least, your mind tells you so… Download the map from the link below and start the adventure.

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Your only objective is to find a way out, but you’ll have to face a slew of deadly and difficult obstacles along the way. You’ll sometimes find rewards such as food, armor, and even guns and potions. Search everything; you’ll find some valuable information that will aid you in moving forward with less issues. Your score is gold nuggets. Your tools are logic and reaction (along with swords and bows, of course). Can you awaken from your slumber and finish the Scalimatis?


Scalimatis Map Screenshots 1

Scalimatis Map Screenshots 2

Scalimatis Map Screenshots 3

Scalimatis Map Screenshots 4

Scalimatis Map Screenshots 5

Scalimatis Map Screenshots 6


  • Nothing too particular: Don’t leave map boundaries and don’t cheat (unless you stuck in some really tough situation).


  1. Minecraft version 1.8. Probably won’t work on later versions. Surely won’t work on previous.
  2. Use any shaders and textures you like. And don’t use any game altering mods, this map works best on vanilla 1.8 version.
  3. This map uses custom soundtrack, use of which is advised for the BEST gameplay this map can offer.

How to install:

Scalimatis Map Download Links

For Minecraft 1.8

Download from Server 1

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