Simplicity refined, complexity redefined. Such has been the evolutionary journey of our Simple Server, a paradigm shift that owes its genesis to the Foxy Server. We’ve taken the essence of the Foxy Server and breathed a new level of dynamism into it, enhancing it with features and functionalities that create a revolutionary user experience. Our Simple Server is not just a digital platform, but a thriving ecosystem fuelled by the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Admin Opportunities: Be Part of the Vision

Our server’s success lies in the hands of its administrators. We’re continuously seeking passionate individuals to join our admin team and contribute to the flourishing Simple Server community. Be it maintaining server integrity, resolving player disputes, or simply fostering a positive gaming environment, our admins play a vital role in making the Simple Server the ultimate gaming destination.

The Evolution of Excellence

Our Simple Server is not just another gaming server; it’s an evolution. We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that it retains the magic of the Foxy Server while introducing features that set new industry standards. From crates to PvP, ranks to claims, vehicles to Pinatas, we’ve incorporated every detail to provide an unmatched user experience.

Moreover, we’re constantly on the lookout for fresh talent to join our admin team, presenting a fantastic opportunity to become a part of this evolving journey. So, whether you’re a player seeking a rich gaming experience or a potential admin looking to contribute, our Simple Server welcomes you.

Server Information

Author: Simple Team

Server name: Simple

Server Location: Finland

Minecraft Platform: Java

Supported Version: 1.20

Game types: Survival, SMP, Vanilla, PvP

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Server Features

  • Intricate Crates System
    • Diving right into the server’s perks, the crate system stands prominent. Our Simple Server features a highly intricate and rewarding crate system that elevates the gaming experience. This isn’t just about opening a box; it’s about unearthing a world of potential rewards and challenges that keep you hooked, making every click a step towards an unexpected surprise.
  • Well-defined Ranks and PvP Mechanics
    • PvP and ranking systems have always been the heart of competitive gaming. At Simple Server, we understand that and have developed a comprehensive, yet accessible ranking system that accommodates both casual and hardcore gamers. Coupled with our sophisticated PvP mechanics, we offer a competitive environment that is both challenging and exhilarating.
  • Claim System: Your Digital Real Estate
    • Creating your own space has never been easier, thanks to our intuitive claim system. This system enables players to mark their territory, build their bases, and secure their assets. A claim on the Simple Server is more than just land; it’s a statement of your presence and your stake in the digital world.
  • Vehicles: Navigating the Server with Style
    • In our quest to provide an immersive experience, we’ve introduced vehicles as a fun and efficient mode of transportation within the server. Be it land, sea, or air, our vehicles add an extra layer of interactivity, providing a truly dynamic way to navigate the vast landscape.
  • Pinata: The Fun Never Stops
    • Adding a touch of festive fun, we’ve integrated a unique Pinata feature. This whimsical addition promises exciting rewards and endless entertainment, turning every session into a grand celebration.

In-game Features


Unleash your inner adventurer in Simple MC Server’s Survival Mode, a thrilling game mode that challenges players to explore, craft, and conquer a vast, ever-changing world. Start from scratch, harness resources from your environment, build impressive structures, and fend off nocturnal creatures, all while staying alive. Experience the thrill of survival gameplay, elevated by Simple’s unique features and vibrant community. Every survival endeavor is a story etched in time, waiting to unfold in the boundless landscape of our Simple MC Server.


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