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About SixtyGig Resource Pack

SixtyGig Resource Pack is something that some of us may call it a cartoon pack, because the developer created it in such a way. Brighter colors with a more expressive shadow and shade, this pack argues with any realistic pack out there, but this doesn’t mean it is bad. Also, this is available in an x64 resolution, so if you ever feel like you want to try a cartoon pack, this could be your chance. Being available for Minecraft 1.6, the version of this pack has everything redesigned, starting with in-world objects, to GUI, mobs, armors and weapons. Just give it a shot, you will feel like this was part of your childhood. MCPatcher is required to take advantage of this packs full capabilities! Please, install optifine as suggested in the attached spoiler if you must use it! Optifines current CTM functionality is not fully supported by this pack.

SixtyGig Texture Images

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How to install SixtyGig Resource Pack for Minecraft (Required for SixtyGig)

  • 1. Download MCPatcher HD.
  • 2. Close minecraft, if it’s open.
  • 3. Doubleclick on the MCPatcher file you downloaded in step 1.
  • 4. Hit Patch.
  • 5. Done! Go do next set of steps below.

How to install Standard Resource Pack

  • 1. Download the pack (Kinda no brainer there)
  • 2. Open up minecraft
  • 3. Go to Options -> Resource Packs -> Open Resource Pack Folder. A folder should open.
  • 4. Put the file you downloaded in step 1, inside the folder that opened in step 3.
  • 5. Go back into MC, select the pack.
  • 6. Enjoy

Download links for SixtyGig Resource Pack:

For 1.6

For 1.7

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