Skyfactory (1.19) modpack replicates sky factory similarly to the java edition sky factory but for bedrock. It has the addons advanced machinery, baubles, and loot bags. You start off on a floating island with nothing but a tree, and you end up making a factory and beating the ender dragon.


This modpack has hundreds of new items, machines, blocks, monsters, and features to experience. It has machines like chunk loaders, sieves, auto miners, quantum quarries, void miners, create mod, cogwheels, refined storage, inventory pets, block armor, baubles, custom enchantments, power cables, new tools and armor, end cake, vacuum hoppers, craftable bedrock, WAILA, bosses, custom seeds, custom saplings, custom crafting tables, and much more, all in an extreme modded skyblock.

Included Addons:

  • Weapon Cases (60+ Weapons)
  • Vatonage Magic (Magic Classes and 40+ Magic Wands)
  • Vatonage Furniture (Hundreds of new furniture variations)
  • Survival Guns (10+ 3D Guns)
  • Refined Storage (3 New Machines, ME System)
  • Power Generators+ (5 New Machines)
  • Blasters (30+ 2D Guns)
  • Crazy Tools (20+ New Tools)
  • Crazy Weapons (20+ New Weapons)
  • Miner’s Dream (10+ New Mining Tools)
  • More Gear (4 Armor Sets and 20+ New Tools and Weapons)
  • Ore Trees (7+ New Saplings)
  • Ore Seeds (30+ New Seeds and Plants)
  • Nether Expansion (New Monsters and Nether Ores)
  • Musical Weapons (15+ New Weapons)
  • More TNT (10+ New TNT Types)
  • Machinery Weapons (5+ New Weapons and Jetpacks)
  • Loot Bags (Mob Drop)
  • Item Exchange (EMC Mod Equivalent Exchange)
  • Inventory Pets (Equip for Effects)
  • Extreme Crafting (100 Attack Damage Sword)
  • Element Exchange (EMC Mod Equivalent Exchange)
  • Draconic Evolution (New Machines and Weapons)
  • Custom Enchantments (20+ New Enchantments that work with all weapons and armor)
  • Christmas Presents (Basically Lucky Blocks)
  • Chickens (30+ New Chicken Mobs)
  • Boss Towers (5+ New Bosses and Boss Towers)
  • Calamity (8+ New Bosses)
  • Blood Magic (New Weapons and Crafting)
  • Block Armor (20+ Armor Sets
  • Baubles (New Equip able Armor That Gives Effects)
  • Battle Pets (New Pets That Fight For You)
  • Basic Machinery (30+ New Machines)
  • Android Infusion (New Equip able Armor That Gives Effects)
  • Advanced Machinery (30+ New Machines)

You start this modpack with many tutorial books. This map will work just fine in multiplayer so feel free to invite some friends to play.

The mods in this modpack have a wiki, go to to view all the wiki items to see what everything in this modpack does, you can also search up individual items.


How to install:

  • Set your game language to English.
  • (To Upgrade from the older version to the newer version, just download all the mods included and put them on the world above the Skyfactory.mcworld and it will override the older versions)

Skyfactory Map (1.19) Download Links

For MCPE/Bedrock 1.19

mcworld: Download from server 1Download from server 2

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