About Snow Fort Simulator Map

Snow Fort Simulator Map. Build a snow fort using different pre-made pieces. Place the pieces using the hammers in your hotbar. You can increase the tier of each piece by dropping the hammer. The higher the tier, the more damage the piece can withstand. When you have a nice fort, you can destroy it. Don’t worry, the map saves your fort before you start destroying it, so you can destroy it as many times as you want without having to rebuild it.


There are many explosive tools that you can use to destroy your fort. You can also simulate a meteor shower and monster invasion. Play king of the hill with your friends or see how long it takes to destroy your entire fort, what you do with the fort is up to you. You can build a new fort as many times as you want. You can destroy your fort as many times as you want.

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For Minecraft 1.8


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