About Star Wars Adventure Map

The Star Wars adventure map is fantastic for Star Wars fans, as it is centered around the famous battle of Hoth, the infamous ice planet.


There is a class system, you can choose between the Jedi and Trooper.

Please make sure to setup the server proprieties as advertised to prevent bugs or unbalances.


  • 1- Save the hostages.
  • 2- Repair the generator and start both canons.
  • 3- Disable the AT-AT.

Side Quests

  • 1- Obtain the Diamond Lightsaber in the Temple.
  • 2- Obtain the Red Lightsaber from the wrecked ship.
  • 3- Find the hidden disc to trade for a powerful gun at the merchant.

2 players minimum are required for the finale. Good luck!


  • enable-command-block=true
  • gamemode=0
  • spawn-monsters=true
  • view-distance=15
  • spawn-npcs=true
  • pvp=false
  • difficulty=1

Texture Pack: Star-Wars Texture Pack

Download links for Star Wars Adventure Map for Minecraft:


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