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After your “Escape from Zanzer’s Dungeon”, you entered the nearby village and told the tale at the tavern. Unexpectedly, you were seized by guards and taken before the magistrate. Stonefast Map


Without Zanzer’s protection the woodland bandits could move in and take whatever they wanted. The villagers forced you to seek out a magical stone capable of summoning a celestial guardian to protect the town.

The Guardian Stone is located in the abandoned dwarven fortress “Stonefast” beneath Zanzer’s Dungeon, which is rumored to be inhabited by a young white dragon.

What to Expect When You’re Exploring:

  • Estimated Play Time: Between 1.5-2.5 hours.
  • Lore Heavy: Being literate helps (not just able to read, but willing). You must read the lore books for vital clues. However, an in-game walkthrough is provided in case you get stuck.
  • Non-Linear: Though reviewers everywhere are giving high praise to games for their linearity, Stonefast dares to require the player to make choices about where to go.
  • Resource Pack: One is included, but not required. It mostly provides a title screen and converts gold ingots and nuggets to gold pieces.
  • Difficulty: Easy by default, but you may adjust it if you like. Anything but peaceful.
  • Keep Inventory: ON, due to a number of key items you cannot afford to lose.
  • Key Items: Items important to completing the adventure are indicated by accompanying XP bottles. You can leave behind the written books, but other items (including normal books) should be held on to.
  • Game Mode: Adventure: You cannot place crafted torches, cakes, or any other blocks except where you are supposed to. Special torches have been provided, but night vision potions are recommended. Stay in adventure mode to ensure that command blocks detect players properly.

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For Minecraft 1.8


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