About Submersed Map

Your submarine has broken down and all you have are the tools from your survival kit to stay alive. Playing tactically and using your surroundings to your advantage is the key to surviving! Submersed Map is very easy to install and use. It is compatible with any resource pack.


Submersed Map Challenges:

Can you complete them all?

  • Repair the submarine
  • Make a tree farm
  • Make a melon farm
  • Make a wheat farm
  • Explore the sunken ship
  • Make a mob grinder
  • Collect all the music discs
  • Craft a fishing rod
  • Catch 10 of every fish
  • Name a squid
  • Make a pumpkin farm
  • Reach the island
  • Make a beach house on the island
  • Find the treasure
  • Light the Nether portal
  • Make a water breathing potion
  • Craft an enchanted golden apple
  • Build a glass tree dome (The tree needs to be able to grow inside the dome)
  • For the hardcore players: build an iron farm and kill the wither.


How to install:

Download links for Submersed Map:


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