Ever dreamed of having superpowers? Now you can make that dream come true with this addon! Inside your Minecraft inventory, there’s a ring packed with 13 incredible powers for you to wield! Test out teleportation to your desired locations, or unleash devastating explosions. You can even create a blackhole, make monsters fly, control objects with bloodbending, or set things on fire. The possibilities are vast, so why not give it a try? Super Power Rings Addon (1.20, 1.19) currently boasts 13 powers, and there are plans for even more in future updates! Imagine having Super Beam, Shadow Stroke, Ufo Attack, and other powers at your disposal! These powers work within a range of 100 blocks and can even affect airborne mobs like phantoms. With so many powers to explore, your Minecraft adventures will be filled with excitement and creativity. Unleash your inner superhero and see what incredible feats you can accomplish!


Information: You can use the powers by shifting or sneaking in the game, then the action bar will change, you see: the name, number, and cool down. If u right-click on the ring it will work!

The item: You have a ring inside your sword section in your inventory. Just right-click and the chosen power will activate!

Tags: There are two tags: one for no cooldown which you should use because it’s so much more fun! just add the tag no cooldown and the tag no_griefing that disables the grief powers like hole explodes lava and TNT.


There are 13 unique abilities. With: Three Passive, One both, and 11 aggressive powers:


  • Tp: Teleport where u looking, super easy, you have a 100-block range! This power has No cooldown.
  • Fly: Let the mobs fly and take fall damage. Just shoot at where u want and there will be a cool tornado that the mobs let elevate! You can do this on yourself but you get slow falling for no damage! This power has no cooldown!

  • Shield: let nobody in your shield! So you create a 3-block radius hearth shield. If ur inside you get absorption and regeneration and everything that wants to get in gets pushed away, so mob players, arrows, and other powers… This ability has a cooldown.

Aggressive power:

  • Explosion: Makes an explosion to where ur looking! Has a cooldown.

  • Fire: Create a fireplace! Burn everything to where ur looking and if u hit a mob, there will be a flame star! No cooldown!

  • Hole: Makes a hole in the ground, the hole goes block by block down. This has a cooldown!
  • Ice: Creates three big ice spikes to kill the monsters, if a mob is too close to the place of the power, they will freeze in an ice cube! No cooldown!

  • Poison: Poison your enemies to dead! No cooldown!
  • Tnt: Explode the fools! Spam 5 tnt everywhere to create the biggest nova ever! has a short cooldown.
  • Lightning: Use the power of Poseidon or Zeus! summons lightning from heaven! has no cooldown!

  • Lava: Creates a lava and magma blast! Has a cooldown!
  • Black Hole: Makes the earth collapse with the universe! create a black hole that sucks all the mobs inside! It is so strong that the mobs die! has a cooldown.

  • BloodBending: Do you love blood-bending? Now u can, this is my favorite ability because you can throw mobs and let the mobs do what you want. this has no cooldown.

Installation Note:

  • Make sure you turn on the Experimental Gameplay.

How to install:

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Super Power Rings Addon (1.20, 1.19) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.20, 1.19

mcaddon: Download from server 1Download from server 2

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