Survival Games Map (1.19.3, 1.18.2) is a game map designed by GSOT. Good news for adventurous players, you can now enjoy one of the most exciting survival games in Minecraft’s latest version. Join your friends in a custom-built survival games map where you will go through various challenges and different types of gameplay. The map contains plenty of interesting features, including supply drops, custom loot tables, a custom-built border and much more! Download this map from the links below and don’t forget to read the instruction!



  • SUPPLY DROPS: Land randomly around the map with rare loot.
  • CUSTOM LOOT: Custom loot-tables depending on your distance from spawn.
  • CUSTOM BORDER: The border will periodically pick a random location to move to, while also shrinking.
  • SPAWN PODS: Running function survivalgames:reset will place everyone in a pod before you start the game.

How to play:

  • Once in the game, you should see a message above your hotbar
  • To start a game, run function survivalgames:reset (to put everyone in pods), then function survivalgames:start to let the games begin!

How to install:

Survival Games Map (1.19.3, 1.18.2) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.19.3, 1.19.2, 1.18.2

Download from Server 1

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