SyntaCraft: Industrial? Steampunk? Both?

SyntaCraft Mod adds two ores: Syntafractium (purple) and Dense Zinc Vein (bluish grey, smelts into Industrial Zinc Bars)

These are used for crafting stuff. Be sure to install Not Enough Items along with this mod to see all of the recipes.



Makes building in survival so much easier.

  • Cobblestone -> Stone Bricks
  • Stone Bricks -> Chiseled Stone Bricks
  • Netherrack -> Netherbrick Block
  • Sand -> Sandstone
  • Sandstone -> Chiseled Sandstone
  • Chiseled Sandstone -> Smooth Sandstone
  • Clay Block -> 6 Bricks


For when you need more freaking stuff.

  • Glowstone -> 2 Glowstone Dust, 1 Blaze Powder
  • Syntafractium Crystal -> 9 Syntafractium
  • Blaze Rod -> 4 Blaze Powder, 2 Glowstone Dust
  • All Ores -> 2 of their final output (e.g. Iron ore -> 2 Iron Ingots)

Dual Compactor: Two things… compacted into one… burn the witch!

  • Industrial Spelter Bar + Spelter Circuitry Plate -> Spelter Machine Engine (Cheaper than crafting)
  • Stone Block + Spelter Clad Iron Bar -> Spelter Reinforced Stone (Explosion resistant)
  • Glass Block + Spelter Clad Iron Bar -> Spelter Glass (Explosion resistant and fancy!)
  • Dented Cuprum + Industrial Spelter -> Hardy Brass Bar
  • Iron Ingot + Industrial Spelter -> Spelter Clad Iron Bar

Friction Smelter:

  • Faster smelting is just a reasonably expensive way away.
  • Has all of the same recipes as the furnace, but does them much, much faster, while using a pretty good amount of power. Requires that you place a Machine Extension on top.


  • 1) Install Minecraft Forge into your minecraft.jar
  • 2) Put BasicComponents.jar file into your mods folder
  • 3) Put SyntaCraft into your mods folder.
  • 4) Done

Download Links for SyntaCraft Mod:

Basic Components:

SyntaCraft Mod:

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