Command Blocks 1.10.2

A list of Command Blocks using in Minecraft 1.10.2. Command Blocks are a redstone component that execute console commands when powered.

Command: /give @p minecraft:command_block

  • Remote-Control-Robots-Command-Block

    17,130 views ❘ Author: MrGarretto ❘ June 6, 2016

    Computer Robot Pets in Minecraft, in only one command! This remote control computer pet vanilla mod... 

  • Table-Tennis-Command-Block

    22,118 views ❘ Author: MrGarretto ❘ June 5, 2016

    This command adds ping pong tables which you can play against your friends or NPCs. Command Block Showcase: How... 

  • Present-Courrier-Command-Block

    2,719 views ❘ Author: MrGarretto ❘ June 5, 2016

    Present Courrier Command Block lets you deliver presents to as many houses as possible. Command Block... 

  • Minions-Map

    25,185 views ❘ Author: MrGarretto ❘ June 5, 2016

    This command adds minions which can help you with a variety of jobs. Command Block Showcase: How to... 

  • Arctic-Command-Block

    3,382 views ❘ Author: ItsZender ( ❘ June 4, 2016

    Arctic+ Command Block adds many arctic themed items to your vanilla Minecraft world. The first feature... 

  • Spy-Gear-Map

    26,270 views ❘ Author: MrGarretto ❘ May 24, 2016

    This command adds spy boots, spy grapples, laser beams, and footprint dust. Command Block Showcase: How... 

  • Rocket-Ships-Command-Map

    26,311 views ❘ Author: MrGarretto ❘ April 26, 2015

    This command adds rocket ships, which you can ride to the moon. Command Block Showcase: How to install: To...