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MCPE 1.20 Mods

MCPE 1.20 Mods are modifications that change the gameplay of Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) version 1.20. They can alter the game mechanics, graphics, user interface, sounds, and more. Some examples of 1.20 mods for MCPE are Tree Capitator + Vein Miner Mod, which lets you chop down a whole tree or mine a whole ore vein by breaking one block while crouching. Draconic Evolution Mod, which adds items and blocks based on the Draconic Evolution mod for Minecraft Java Edition 1.12, such as draconic armor, tools, weapons, and energy storage. EasyForm Mod, which allows you to create forms using JSON formatting, such as menus, dialogs, buttons, and more.

You can find more MCPE 1.20 Mods on popular websites like 9minecraft. To install them, you need to download the .mcpack or .zip file and open it with MCPE. Then you can activate the mod in the world settings.