Tale of Kingship is the official sequel to the tale of kingdoms mod. It is a series of mods that will give you an opportunity to build the greatest kingdom the world of Minecraft has ever known! Raise your economy through trade, supply a stable food source for your people, create an army to protect your kingdom, and show your valor as the most powerful king in the whole Minecraft!

What is new in the evolved Tale of kingdoms?

The kingdoms are now scale-able. You design your own kingdom, you can have it in any size and in any style. You could choose which buildings to focus on and add your own customization (You can build your own custom buildings in your own kingdom the traditional Minecraft way). Focus on military, focus on trade, or focus on size! It’s all up to you.

This mod uses Novv’s Building Schematics collections with over 26 buildings and Heaven_Lord’s Medieval Castle. Each building serves a specific purpose to the improvement of your kingdom. The prequel will feature mrato1 medieval spawn for the starting town.


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Create a new folder in .minecraft named MCTOK
  • Save the download into the MCTOK folder
  • Extract the .zip you saved.
  • Place the folder taleofkingship folder into the .minecraft folder
  • Place the Tale of into the .minecraft/mods folder
  • Load a world and press Y.
  • Or you can drag the zip file to the .minecraft folder and rightclick then “Extract here”



  • Fixed Save File Handler
  • Fixed Crash at Destroying certain buildings.
  • Fixed Crash at Building certain buildings.
  • Fixed Crash at Claiming Lands.
  • Fixed Restarting Prequel
  • Fixed Missing NPCs on relog

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