TechnoMagi Mod is a large scale mod that brings highly futuristic technology into the world of Minecraft, but rather than borrow the style from Tech mods, it borrows it style from magic mods.


TechnoMagi Mod Features:

TechnoMagi Mod Specialisations

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As a TechnoMage you’re required to chose a path to walk, a specialisation. All specialisations receive the same core abilities and research, but each has its own bonuses.

There are three types of specialisations, a scholar, a medic and a warrior. As an example of the bonuses, the Scholar will at some point receive a passive ability that increases the chance to dodge an attack, the medic will likewise receive a passive ability that allows them to regen quicker and the warrior will receive a passive ability to randomly decrease attack damage.

TechnoMagi Mod Research

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Progression through this mod is achieved using research, and I know that research may seem like a boring thing but we’ve got some very interesting ways to gain research.

The system works quite simply, each Knowledge topic requires 100 research points. Research points are gained by achieving certain pieces of research, with each piece being worth a different amount. The knowledge topics typically have more than 100 points available, meaning that you can unlock it in a few different ways.

Take the ‘Teleportation I’ knowledge topic, there are 100 points available for this as it’s an early unlock, and these are.

1. Kill an Enderman
2. Use an Enderpearl
3. Analyse an Enderpearl
4. Monitor and Enderman that teleports

As you can see, there are 3 different kinds of research here, the different types of research are listed below.

TechnoMagi Mod Passive/Event, Crafting & Mining

These bits of research are gained by performing certain tasks within the actual game itself. In the example above, kill an Enderman and use and Enderpearl are both passive research tasks. Passive research data is stored within your internal nanites, these nanites collect data as certain things take place. But beware, your nanites have finite data storage so you’ll need to transfer this data to some sort of portable device

You can also gain research from mining certain blocks and crafting certain blocks/items.

TechnoMagi Mod Analysis

This is the sort of research that people will be most familiar with, it requires placing certain things within an analysis machine which will churn away trying to analyse and collect data while you live your life, or rather, play your game.

The analysis in the example I used, is simple, and just requires an enderpearl, or at least a few, as there’s a chance that the process could fail. Later research can be more advanced and may require something like analysing a potion, and then analysing each of components in the 3×3 grid that the machine provides.

TechnoMagi Mod Observation

Observation is a way of gaining research by observing capture mobs. The idea is that you lure a mob into an observation chamber, then you can use certain items on them and the machine will try to collect data regarding the process.

TechnoMagi Mod Monitoring

Monitoring is like observing, except rather than capture the mobs in a machine, you take a blood sample from them and culture an extraction of your own nanites, to work in their blood stream.

The red bar here is the blood sample (or samples, each sample is worth a 10th of the bar), and the blue bar is the sample of your nanites (again, each sample is worth a 10th). Once this process reaches 100% you will be a given a sample of nanites for the mob you took the sample from, in this instance, a cow. You can then add these to the cow and overtime they will replicate and start gaining data.

Once the mob has fully activated nanites it’ll start collecting data passively in the same way that you do when certain events happen to you. This doesn’t mean that mobs are subject to the same events, but it’s worth playing with them to see…plus once you’ve gained enough research on a particular mob, you can do some interesting things

TechnoMagi Mod Abilities

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As you gain research and unlock knowledge topics you’ll unlock both active and passive abilities.

As the names suggest, passive abilities will be on at all times, an example is the ‘Redistribution of Force’ ability, which will redirect fall damage outwards as force, potentially damage blocks and entities, but not you.

There are also active abilities which require selection using the gui on the left of the screen, and will allow you to perform certain actions on right click. Some abilities require usage on an entity, some on empty space and some on specific blocks. An example of an active ability is the ‘Flashstep’ ability, which allows you to jump forwards 10 blocks at such a high speed that you appear to teleport. Be careful though, if there’s an obstacle in the way you’re likely to smash straight into it and damage yourself.

Abilities are selected by holding shift and scrolling with a mouse wheel. Remember, that all (or at least most) of the abilities, both passive and active, will use nanites, meaning that you have to wait for them to replenish once they hit a certain level.

TechnoMagi Mod Nanites

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As mentioned above, nanites have many uses, from providing you a power source (like mana), to collecting data both internally to you and mobs. Nanites can also be used externally once they have been cultured in a host. This allows you to create machines that use the nanites to perform certain abilities, examples being a machine that keeps farmland active and promotes plant growth, or machines that excite the particles within the air, creating a glow and lighting up an area.

TechnoMagi Mod Teleportation

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There are several types of teleporters introduced by this mod.

TechnoMagi Mod Vertical Teleporters

These function like an elevator and allow you to quickly jump between levels with the use of stairs or ladders.

TechnoMagi Mod Linked Teleporters

These allow you to quickly teleport between two set locations, using two linked teleporters.

TechnoMagi Mod Relocation Teleporters

These teleporters will detect teleportation events within a certain area around them, the sort caused by the active ability ‘Blink’, or an Endermans teleport, and relocate the teleporting entity to itself. This is great for a hidden entrance to a base without a door, and it makes a great Enderman trap when used in conjunction with the next type.

TechnoMagi Mod Disruption Teleporters

Like the Relocation teleporter, this teleporter will detect teleportation events within a certain area around it, and cancel them, meaning that teleporting out of a trap secured with one of these, is impossible! The relocation teleporter takes priority over this, so you can teleport and be pulled into the grip of the disruptor, with no way out!

TechnoMagi Mod Roboticisation

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As mentioned above, once you’ve received enough data and research about a particular type of mob, and if you’ve unlocked the right knowledge topic, you can use the ‘Roboticise’ ability, which will send a signal to the internal nanites of a mob, telling them transform the living organic tissue into cold, hard steel!

Each mob has its own purpose and function. Passive mobs typically function as walking factories for their drops, with the cow above providing a chest like inventory on right click, where it will generate leather and beef.

Finally, CREEPERS HAVE A USE!!! If you manage to gain enough research on these little buggers, you can roboticise them, removing all of the sinister, sadistic tendencies that they are born with, and converting them into living RF batteries. That’s right, these little guys will generate RF (RedstoneFlux) as they go about their lives, functioning as a walking recharge station, or attaching them to an induction pad where they will constantly generate power and send through the power network.

TechnoMagi Mod Relux (Hard Light)

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Relux is a material created by focusing large quantities of light at the same atom, causing the light to compact at such level that appears to have a physical presence, you can craft, feel, walk on, throw and sometimes even smash Relux crystals.

You can also create machines that will generate this stuff as blocks, rather than items, allowing you light bridges, fences, walls, domes, shields and much more.

Here are some examples of hardlight:


TechnoMagi Mod Ennds

Ennds is an API mod for TechnoMagi. Using Ennds anyone can easily add new ways to gain research, new knowledge topics, you can add the mobs from your own entities to the observation chamber, or have them drop their brain, you can add new abilities, both passive and active. Almost everything that TechnoMagi does, is provided by the Ennds library.

TechnoMagi Mod How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download TechnoMagi Mod and Ennds.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) files into it.
  • If one does not exist you can create one.
  • Enjoy TechnoMagi Mod.

Download Links for TechnoMagi Mod:

For Minecraft 1.7.10

TechnoMagi: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

Ennds: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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