Terminator Addon (1.20) adds a powerful mob that can track entities, destroy and build blocks as needed, and wield melee and ranged weapons like swords and bows to attack entities. It can also wear armor such as chestplates to protect itself from damage.


Terminator abilities:

Build and destroy blocks:

  • This terminator can build blocks to reach its target and break blocks that stop the terminator from reaching the target.

Terminator can attack mobs:

Terminator can attack the following mobs:

  • Players
  • Iron golems
  • Snow golems
  • Tamed parrots
  • Wolfs
  • Axolotls
  • Piglins

Terminator attacks a selected mob when both mobs have the right conditions.

  • Terminator only attacks mobs that do not have an invisibility effect.
  • Terminator requires almost full netherite armor and one melee weapon in order to fight an iron golem.

For more information check out this image of Terminator’s attack requirement

The terminator can track your location and find ways to go to the target easily in order to kill the entity.

The terminator can respawn:

  • This terminator can respawn itself indefinitely when it dies.
  • The following image is taken after the terminator dies.

  • You can execute /function terminator/killall which kills all existing terminators in the world and they will not respawn.

Function commands:

Player’s function commands:

  • /function player/kit/chainmail – Gives yourself full chainmail armor and a stone sword
  • /function player/kit/diamond – Gives yourself full diamond armor and a diamond sword
  • /function player/kit/golden – Gives yourself full golden armor and a golden sword
  • /function player/kit/iron – Gives yourself full iron armor and an iron sword
  • /function player/kit/leather – Gives yourself full leather armor and a wooden sword
  • /function player/kit/netherite – Gives yourself full netherite armor and a netherite sword

Terminator’s function commands:

  • /function terminator – Summon a terminator
  • /function terminator/changelog – Terminator add-on changelog

Terminator’s kit category:

  • /function terminator/killall – Kills all terminator without them respawning
  • /function terminator/kit/chainmail – Summon and give all terminators full chainmail armor and a stone sword
  • /function terminator/kit/diamond – Summon and give all terminators full diamond armor and a diamond sword
  • /function terminator/kit/golden – Summon and give all terminators full golden armor and a golden sword
  • /function terminator/kit/iron – Summon and give all terminators full iron armor and an iron sword
  • /function terminator/kit/leather – Summon and give all terminators full leather armor and a wooden sword
  • /function terminator/kit/netherite – Summon and give all terminators full netherite armor and a netherite sword

Terminator’s NBT tags category (summon terminator with customization using custom-made NBT tag commands)

  • /function terminator/nbt/invulnerable – Makes terminator invulnerable to everything except the Void
  • /function terminator/nbt/nodeathevent – Disables terminator’s death event
  • /function terminator/nbt/nophysics – Disables terminator’s physics
  • /function terminator/nbt/norespawn – Disables terminator’s respawn ability
  • /function terminator/nbt/enableBossbar – Enables terminator’s bossbar
  • /function terminator/nbt/noregen – Disables terminator’s regeneration when its health is low for the first time

Terminator’s Debug category:

  • /function terminator/debug/* – Used for developers to debug the terminator’s properties

Feeding the Terminator:

  • Method: You feed the terminator as you feed a horse.
  • You can feed the terminator food that players can eat.
  • The amount of health the terminator gains when fed one of the foods is the same as the number of food points the player gets when eating one of the foods. For more information about food points and items players can eat check out Minecraft Wiki.

Difference between food points for players and health points for terminators:

  • Terminator restores 14 health points from eating cake
  • Terminators cannot eat chorus fruit

Terminator Combat:

In order for the terminator to use different kinds of combat, they need to pick up the weapon in order to switch combat mechanics.

Melee Attack:

Melee attack is activated when:

  • The Terminator is spawned
  • The terminator is holding a melee weapon (trident is excluded from this category)


  • Movement speed multiplier of terminator is 130%
  • It does 1 attack damage


Bow combat is activated when the terminator is holding a bow

  • Terminator will wait 1 to 3 seconds after an attack before launching another
  • Terminator shoots normal arrows (It will not shoot different effects of arrows even if terminator receives it.)


Crossbow combat is activated when the terminator is holding a crossbow

  • Terminator will wait 1 second after an attack before launching another
  • Terminator shoots normal arrows (It will not shoot different effects of arrows even if terminator receives it.)
  • Movement speed multiplier of terminator is 100%


Trident combat is activated when the terminator is holding a trident

  • Terminator will switch to melee combat if the target is 3 blocks or less away from the terminator
  • Terminator will switch to ranged combat if the target is 4 blocks or more away from the terminator


Snowball combat activates when the terminator holds a snowball

  • Terminator shoots snowball every 0.2 seconds


Shield is activated when the terminator is holding a shield in main hand or off hand

  • Shield has a 5 ticks (0.25 seconds) cooldown after a defense before blocking another attack or terminator’s hand
  • The shield disables damage cause by: block explosion, entity attack, entity explosion and projectile

Spawn a terminator:

  1. You can obtain the Terminator spawn egg in the creative inventory

  • 2. Use the /summon command to spawn the terminator

  • 3. Use the /function command to spawn the terminator, executing any of these commands will spawn the terminator with the nametag.

  • 4. Craft the terminator spawn egg using a crafting table, here is the recipe:

Different skins:

  • Terminator now has different skins!
  • Christmas skins only displayed in Minecraft from December 1st to December 25th. The add-on will change their skin back to normal afterward.

Custom skins:

  • You can now switch terminator’s skin with a chat toggle.
  • Change the skin by changing terminator’s texture in the addon.


  • Terminator now spawns with Minecraft: Java Edition migrator cape.

Terminator death messages:

  • Terminator now displays a death message when they die:

  • This feature supports all languages Minecraft supports, but translation may not be accurate.

Custom nametags:

  • This is one of the features available in custom commands.

Skin Models: (Steve/Alex)

  • You can choose the model you want to apply to your terminator.

Dimension Pathfinding:

  • Terminator has the ability to find portal blocks when a lot of players are in another dimension. Due to Minecraft’s limitation, terminator can only find portal blocks that are visible to terminator for now.

Creating a customized Terminator:

  • You have seen the cool features you can change to the terminator. This paragraph below shows you how to create your own version of Terminator:
  • Run /scriptevent terminator:spawn in the chat, when executed a form should appear on screen:

  • These options change the terminator’s behavior when first spawned by pressing the ‘Submit’ button.

Installation Note:

  • This addon is compatible with other add-ons
  • Spawning a lot of terminators in your nearby area can potentially cause massive destruction. It is recommended that you save a copy of your world before spawning a lot of them!
  • Make sure you turn on the Experimental Gameplay.

How to install:

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Terminator Addon (1.20) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.20.40+

mcaddon: Download from server 1Download from server 2

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