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About Terminator Map 

Terminator Map is a mini-game map for Minecraft

In this minigame… anything can happen

Terminator Map Screenshots:


The EPIC mansion

Getting a death crystal!


  • 1.FUN gameplay
  • 2.NO bugs
  • 3.EPIC mansion
  • 4.Scoreboard mechanics
  • 5.Working Redstone(unlike some maps..)


  • 1. Play with 3-10 people
  • 2. No breaking blocks
  • 3. Play on peaceful
  • 4. If you record put this thread in the description
  • 5. The rest of the rules are in the actual map

How to play: One person is chosen to be the terminator. the rest of the people are suvivors. both teams ready up and get teleported to different sides of the mansion. The terminators job is to kill all the survivors. Once all the survivors are dead the terminator wins! The survivors have to find hidden death crystals(they are levers with a sign above them) around the map! Once all 8 death crystals are found the survivors win!

Download links for Terminator Map:

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