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About TerrariaCraft Resource Pack

TerrariaCraft Resource Pack. Every played Terraria? Do you want it 3D on Minecraft? Well get this texture pack! It changes EVERYTHING, armor, art, environment, font, GUI, Items, Misc, Mobs, Particles, AND Terrain! Has new textures like Diamond Tools/Armor retextured to Molten Tools (Molten pickaxe even has an animation with flames!) NEW MOBS?: Changes villagers to NPC’s from Terraria, including Merchant and Hospital Person! Changes EnderDragon to Eater of Worlds, changes Ghast to Eye of Ctchulu, and Wither Boss to Skeletron!!! Changes some of the normal mobs too like Skeleton and Zombie! Get this EPIC texture pack of Terraria!

TerrariaCraft Resource Pack Preview

How to install:

Download links for TerrariaCraft Resource Pack:

For 1.6

For 1.8, 1.7

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